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Many women are guilty of going years between bra fittings, despite the fact that you should get measured on a regular basis. So, you could say I was doing something crazy when, one week, when I embarked on not one, but three fittings. *Gasps!* Here’s what I found:  

Marks & Spencer

Booking: A super quick Google search told me that booking online with M&S was simple. Sadly, that was fake news. On the particular day that I tried to book with them, there seemed to be a glitch on the website. (Note: I’ve booked with them online before and it’s been 100% fine!) Still, I walked into the store on a busy Saturday morning and was told that I could see someone almost immediately.

Fitting: After I’d whipped my top off and the friendly woman had measured me, she quickly asked me if all my bras were ‘riding.’ Confused by the term, I soon realized that she meant was the band creeping up my back. The short answer was yes. She explained that this may mean I’m wearing the wrong band size.

Sizing: I measured in at a 34 band size, but the fitter said that this could be wrong and she was going to try me with 32 size bras instead. Unsurprisingly, all the 32 bras I tried were far too small (one actually left marks on my back – for a second!). The fitter brought me a half cup style t-shirt bra in 32DD, which was not only too tight, but also gave my boobs an unflattering ‘overflowing’ effect on the cup side of things. Not a pretty sight.

Result: In the end, the fitter concluded that I was actually a 34DD. She went on to say that a full-cup bra would suit my shape best because one of my breasts was bigger than the other one. The service was fine; friendly and to the point. However, I feel that we spent a lot of time trying on bras that were clearly too small for me from the offset, which seemed unnecessarily thorough.

John Lewis

Booking: Either I don’t know how to use a computer (possible, but not probable at this age!) or John Lewis’ booking page was down too. The latter was confirmed to me by a chirpy woman in the store who said other customers had told her the same thing. She led me into a massive dressing room right away and asked me just what I was looking for.

Fitting: During the fitting, she was extremely helpful and I felt that I could ask pretty much anything I fancied about the process. She too explained that my band was riding quite high on my back (how had I not noticed this?!) and said that it should be tighter. She asked whether she should leave the room, which was the size of a small apartment, and I said it was fine for her to stick around. It’s quicker, after all.

Sizing: After measuring me, the fitter concluded that I was either a 34DD or a 32E. She quickly explained to me that as band sizes go down, the cup sizes tend to go up, which was useful information. She then brought me two bras (both in 34DD) from John Lewis’ home range.

I was surprised to find that there was quite a difference between them. The first, which was the more expensive of the two, fit perfectly giving me a streamlined silhouette, whereas the second had me spilling over the top of the cup. When I asked why, the fitter explained that we can differ from bra to bra, which is why trying them on is crucial!   

Result: “What it boils down to,” said the fitter, “is how comfortable you feel.” Her advice was just what I needed. Finding the right bra size is hard enough without adding extra stress to the matter. Throughout the fitting, this woman had been nothing but patient and helpful, which made the whole thing less intimidating.

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Boux Avenue

Booking: Confession: I didn’t even try to book ahead of time for my appointment. Instead, I simply swanned in one evening in the hopes of getting an appointment. I was lucky, as the fitter quickly told me. Most of the time, the fitting slots get fully booked out. The day that I’d walked in had been a particularly quiet one, though, and so I was able to see someone right away.

Fitting: When the fitter took me into the dressing room, she first asked me a couple of questions about what I was looking for and what type of bra I needed. I hadn’t looked around the store first and wasn’t 100% sure so just told her that I needed an ‘everyday bra.’ She measured me then and there, and swiftly went out to the store floor to get me some potential options.

Sizing: The fitter gave me a 34E and a 34DD plunge bra to try just to get an idea of what worked and what didn’t. The larger cup was a little too big for me so it was clear that I needed a smaller one. While, in the plunge bras, the 34DD was perfect, it didn’t work for every style.

When I tried on a t-shirt bra afterward, it was clear that I’d need a slightly larger number. The fitter was patient with me and explained that this was completely normal – different styles often mean you need different sizes.  

Result: This was my shortest fitting, and yet it still took around 20-30 minutes to complete. I walked out with not one, but two different bra sizes and was advised to always try on a bra before buying it as my size may differ somewhat. This information was super helpful and I felt that I got what I needed from the experience.

Final Thoughts

Each store had a different style of bra fitting, but all of the above were approachable and did all that they could to make me feel comfortable. As far as my bra size goes, it would seem that I am the same size (34DD) in most bras, but that I should be open to this being a little larger in various styles of bra. The takeaway is that it’s essential to get each and every piece of lingerie fitted… If you want to feel comfortable and confident, that is!

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Happy bra shopping!

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Have you ever had a bra fitting? What was your experience?

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