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professional bra fitting

As a bra fitter, I help women find bras that fit, feel comfortable, and help them feel confident and supported. If you’ve never had a bra fitting or you’ve never heard of it before, a bra fitting is when a bra fit specialist (yes, it’s a real job) takes your measurements, listens to your needs and concerns, and selects the best bras for your bra size, breast shape, and style preference.

For many women, it’s the only time they have to themselves all day, so bra fitters take this time very seriously. Depending on the store, you might be offered champagne, a cozy fitting room befitting a boudoir to try bras on, and a personal shopper to handpick the bras for you. No matter where you go, bra fittings are all about being pampered.

Though an average bra fitting takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, I’ve had customers who have spent hours happily shopping and indulging themselves in a little much-deserved retail therapy.

A common thread

Over the years, I’ve helped women shop for lingerie for their honeymoon, buy bras for the first time in years, and buy bras for the first time in their life. I’ve helped men shop for their girlfriends, spouses, and significant others, and I’ve processed more returns for used lingerie than anyone should ever have to.

Though the hugs, tears, and fears, almost all of the women I’ve helped have had one thing in common: once we were in the fitting room, they almost immediately pointed out something negative about their bodies. And every single time it broke my heart.

“I gained so much weight while I was pregnant. I’m so sorry.” – one new mother told me.

“You won’t laugh if I take my shirt off, right?” – one woman asked, with equal parts humor and seriousness.

“My boobs looked so different before three kids,” another woman confessed. “I hate how they look now.”

“My husband sent me here for new bras. He complains about how saggy my boobs are,” a woman said, looking defeated.

“I have stretch marks all over my body, I’m sorry you have to see them,” another woman sighed, dejectedly.

Enough is enough

As women, we’re often the first person to apologize for our weight, our stretch marks, our beautiful make-up free faces. We bring it up even when it isn’t part of the conversation. It’s like we’re afraid the other person is going to say something about it, so we have to beat them to it.

But when you think about it, why wouldn’t we?

Society constantly tells us that there’s something wrong with our bodies – we’re not curvy enough, thin enough, tan enough, tall enough, small enough. Our skin isn’t smooth enough, clear enough, or young enough. We’re never enough. And it’s exhausting. Even the most confident women struggle with filtering out negative self-talk sometimes.

A judgment-free zone

When you walk into a lingerie boutique, you’re walking into a judgement-free zone. Bra fitters will never ever judge your body. We are there to help you find new bras, celebrate your promotion with a little shopping, and help you feel good about yourself. Regardless of your age, the color of your skin, your gender identity, or your sexual orientation, we have absolutely no tolerance for body shaming or negativity – and neither should you. You deserve better! We know the road to self-love is a hard one, but we’ll help you get there – one bra, babydoll, or genuine compliment at a time.

So the next time you’re in a fitting room, get comfortable, enjoy the glass of champagne, and indulge yourself in some well-deserved “me-time” – no negative self-talk allowed.

Do you know someone who is feeling anxious about visiting a lingerie store? Please feel free to share this with them!

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Katie Donnelly

Katie Donnelly is a full-time freelance writer, content manager, and founder of Katie Rose Creative. An experienced bra fitter, Katie has helped hundreds of people shop for lingerie. Her favorite bra is the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra.

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