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Have you ever struggled with finding bras that fit and didn’t know where to turn? Welcome to our Best Lingerie Stores series, where we’re chatting with the best local lingerie stores and sharing their bra fitting expertise with you. These lingerie stores have helped hundreds of thousands of women find their favorite bras — and they want to help you look and feel your best too. This week, we chatted with Naomi Preston and Dawna Reynolds of The Girls Custom Bra Fittings in Harrisonville, Missouri. 

All About The Girls Custom Bra Fittings:


Parfait Team: What inspired you to start a business?

Naomi Preston & Dawna Reynolds: We have both been in the industry for a long time. During our times of working with women, we saw how we changed lives everyday. When the store we worked for at the time closed, we decided to take the plunge in opening our own. We had so many customers getting a hold of us begging us to open another shop…we didn’t have much of a choice!


PT: What about the lingerie industry interested you?  

NP & DR: The fact that it can change so many lives! When a woman comes into our shop and feels “frumpy”, the right bra and panty set or lingerie can change her entire week! It can even change her entire life by improving back pain, health and just plain making her feel worth it.


PT: Your store is located in Harrisonville, MO. How did you decide on the location?

NP & DR: Harrisonville is very close to where we both live. It always is a great hub for lots of towns surrounding as well. Harrisonville is a very faithful community and we can’t imagine our store anywhere else!


PT: Tell us about your store name. What inspired the name The Girls Custom Bra Fittings? 

NP & DR: Customers used to know both of us as the fitters who lovingly called breasts “The Girls”, so it was only natural to name our own store “The Girls”. We also jokingly say that we are The Girls who help The Girls! So many fun ways to play with the name. We love to keep it fun and not so heavy.


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Image via The Girls Custom Bra Fittings


PT: What do you enjoy most about your local community?

NP & DR: The dedication! This community still prefers to shop small, and it is so refreshing! They love one on one service which in turn makes all of our customers become friends as well.


PT: Congratulations on your two-year anniversary! Do you have any big plans you can share with us?

NP & DR: Yes! We recently expanded our store and now have a licensed Esthetician specialist working out of our shop. She specializes in facials, hydro-facials, full body waxing, lash extensions and spray tanning. Our businesses mesh so well and create great foot traffic for us both!


PT: The Girls Custom Fittings has 85 5-star reviews on Facebook! What’s the secret to creating a memorable experience for customers?

NP & DR: We are so proud of those 5-Star ratings! We feel that when a customer comes into our shop, they leave as a friend. And it is only natural to want to praise your friends. This is where the 5-Star reviews come into play. We have never offered our customers an incentive to give us a great review, those all just come from their heart!


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Image via The Girls Custom Bra Fittings


Bra Fitting at The Girls:


PT: Why is it important for women to get a professional bra fitting?  

NP & DR: Bras all run so different! Each company runs different and even styles within a company can run different. It is impossible to know how each one runs as the consumer! Plus, who can actually adjust their own straps? Having a professional fitting puts all the work back on us. Let us figure out how each one runs, and let us pamper the customer.


PT: What do you wish all women knew about lingerie and professional bra fitting?

NP & DR: That it is critical, and shouldn’t even be an option. That, you as the customer, deserve to be taken care of and have someone work for your sale. That a beautiful fitting bra and panty set could perk up your whole day and you are worth a professional fitting!


PT: You’re committed to offering a diverse range of styles and sizes for your customers. You carry brands such as Paramour, Freya, and Parfait with a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes (with bras up to 54M!) What do you look for when selecting new styles?

NP & DR: Quality and fit. Naomi has a seamstress background so she is looking for structure and shape. We want to have a diverse range of shape as well as size! Dawna specializes in knowing and understanding fashion. She is watching for what is trending and what we are missing in colors and prints. We never want a woman to walk into our shop and have nothing to choose from. We try to fill every niche possible!


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Image via The Girls Custom Bra Fittings


PT: We love that you have a large selection of bras under $50. What are some of your favorite budget-friendly bras?

NP & DR: Parfait of course! Parfait and Affinitas offer such a nice selection at such a great price point! But to add to that would be, B’Temped, Felina, Goddess and Lunaire.


PT: What are your current best-selling bras?

NP & DR: Our number one selling style is Versailles by Lunaire. The fit is amazing and the price point is unbeatable! After that, A-Line and Tess by Parfait. Basic Beauty by Wacoal and Aubrie by Felina.


PT: How many bras does a woman actually need in her lingerie wardrobe?

NP & DR: At least 7! One for every day of the week. We try to encourage our customers towards this number even if it means they need to purchase them a few at a time. Some can purchase that many all at once but we love to give everyone that goal to shoot for. We both own over 20 and we still feel out of bras some days!


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Image via The Girls Custom Bra Fittings


PT: Some of us are shy about buying colored bras. What advice would you give to a woman who loves color, but isn’t sure how to incorporate it into her wardrobe?

NP & DR: Great question! We tell our ladies, that as modest midwestern women, we layer a lot! And when you layer, you can easily incorporate color! When the customer really thinks about that, they grab onto the idea. Plus, you can wear color under basically anything but white. And it makes us all feel a little feisty!

PT: What can you tell our readers about the bra fitting experience at The Girls Custom Bra Fittings?

NP & DR: It truly is like no one else. We become your personal shopper, you won’t have to work hard while you are here! We will work with you one on one the entire time you are in our shop. We will ask questions, get to know your fears and concerns as well as educate you. We are not about sales, we are about finding great solutions to your bra and lingerie whoas.


PT: We love that you offer appointments for bra fitting. How can we schedule an appointment?

NP & DR: We are only open by appointment so that we can spoil our customers, but it is so easy to make one! You can make an appointment right on Facebook, Instagram, via Text or e-mail.


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Image via The Girls Custom Bra Fittings

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Store Address: 104 N Independence St, Harrisonville, Missouri, MO 64701

Phone Number: (816) 298-4852

Website: The Girls Custom Bra Fittings

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Feature image: Photographer: Nadia Bohnert Photography via The Girls Custom Bra Fittings

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