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Have you ever struggled with finding bras that fit and didn’t know where to turn? Welcome to our Best Lingerie Stores series, where we’re chatting with the best local lingerie stores and sharing their bra fitting expertise with you. These lingerie stores have helped hundreds of thousands of women find their favorite bras — and they want to help you look and feel your best too. This week, we chatted with Celine Segal (aka The Bra Doctor®) of Now That’s Lingerie, an online lingerie store based in Montreal, Canada. 

All About Now That’s Lingerie:


Parfait Team: What inspired you to start a business? 

Celine Segal: I love helping people and I’ve always been interested in fashion. With my husband Jacob’s support, we decided to open a business that would unite all my passions and make a unique impact on the lingerie industry.


PT: What about the lingerie industry interested you?  

Celine: We started out with a boutique selling women’s clothing about 30 years ago.  When we introduced lingerie to the store, we noticed our customers’ demand for beautifully-fitting, quality bras increased. It fascinated me how many women were wearing bras that didn’t fit them properly. I would help them personally find their perfect fit, and started bringing specialty bra sizes into the store which were not available in department stores at that time. I became known as a bra fitting expert and it was incredibly gratifying to help women finally feel confident and comfortable in their bras, then come back to see me with their friends and family to get them fitted too.


parfait elissa unlined wire bralette p5012 pearl white now thats lingerie - Best Lingerie Stores: Now That's Lingerie

Parfait Elissa Unlined Wire Bralette P5012
Available at Now That’s Lingerie
Colors: Pearl White | Sizes: 30-40D, DD, E, F, FF, G


PT: Tell us about your store name. What inspired the name Now That’s Lingerie? 

Celine: One of our longtime customers always said she loved coming to see me to get fitted for bras. After she brought in a few friends to have me help fit them, we heard one of them happily say “Now THAT’s lingerie!” That exclamation really resonated with us when we first decided to launch our website.


PT: Your business transitioned from a brick and mortar store in Montreal, Canada to an online store over seventeen years ago. What inspired the transition? 

Celine: We were doing very well helping customers with their various bra fitting problems, and we really wanted to offer our unique services and quality lingerie to an even wider audience. My husband and I decided to modernize and bring our specific knowledge of the lingerie industry online. We were one of the first e-commerce websites in Canada at that time.


PT: What do you enjoy most about owning a lingerie boutique? 

Celine: I would say the freedom and independence we have on our everyday decisions.  There is always something new happening in the lingerie industry and it is quite exciting, and we’re flexible and able to quickly adapt and jump on the latest trends and innovations to bring them to our customers first.


parfait ava unlined wire bra p5372 now thats lingerie - Best Lingerie Stores: Now That's Lingerie

Parfait Ava Unlined Wire Bra P5372
Available at Now That’s Lingerie
Colors: Black Floral | Sizes: 30-44D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H


Bra Fitting at Now That’s Lingerie:


PT: Why is it important for women to get a professional bra fitting?  

Celine: Bra fitting is like a science. Most women assume they know what bra size they are, without considering that not all sizes fit the same way. For example, two 36C bras can fit differently depending on factors like the brand, fabric, materials, style, and shape, to name a few. Women’s breast size, shape and elasticity can also change over time due to hormones, weight fluctuations, stress, pregnancy, and so their bras need to change to evolve with their new shape. It really takes a professional who understands that different women have different lingerie needs but the same goals – to feel comfortable and confident in their lingerie. And they need someone with expertise to help them navigate the thousands of different bras to find their own unique perfect fit.


PT: What do you wish all women knew about lingerie and bra fitting?

Celine: I wish women knew that it can be the norm to feel comfortable in their bras, regardless of their bra size! There is so much lingerie available these days, in quite an array of sizing. I can’t emphasize enough that finding the perfect fit is key.


PT: Women and men around the world trust your bra fitting advice. What can you tell our readers about how you became the in-house Bra Doctor®? 

Celine: Fun fact: it was a customer who first nicknamed me “The Bra Doctor®”! It’s been a pleasure helping people find their perfect bra size over the years, and so interesting to get so many emails and questions every day from customers in different countries. One thing’s for sure, no matter where they are, people want to feel comfortable and sexy in their lingerie. It’s very fulfilling for me to have someone contact me after they received their new bras and tell me how incredible they feel, how much better their clothing fits on top of their lingerie, and how I’ve helped them change their lives. It’s incredible what a big difference a great bra can make!


PT: You’re committed to offering a diverse range of styles and sizes for your customers. What do you look for when selecting new styles?

Celine: A comfortable fit, a cup that gives a fashionably round shape, a wider side band for a smoother fit, adjustable straps for extra customization, preferably with bra cups that offer a bit of stretch to accommodate regular breast fluctuations and bounce-back from wash and wear, and a wide range of available sizing, with an affordable price tag.


parfait matilda padded racerback bra black now that's lingerie

Parfait Matilda Padded Racerback Bra P53113
Available at Now That’s Lingerie
Colors: Black, Nude | Sizes: 32-38B, C, D, DD, E


PT: We love that you carry bras under $50. What are some of your favorite budget-friendly bras?

Celine: Some of my favorite bras are those that have an incredible fit. That currently includes Triumph’s 63561 minimizer bra, which compresses the breasts and for a smaller, smoother look under clothes, and is perfect for fuller busts.  Naturana’s 5586 molded soft cup bra is a hit with our customers, because it’s made with organic cotton and the perfect amount of stretch.  Another favorite that fits well is Elita’s 6100 crossover cotton mini-camisole, which is also wire-free and ideal for women with smaller breasts.


PT: What are your current best-selling bras?

Celine: Right now, our customers are loving the Matilda, Penelope, Lynn, Casey and Jeanie bras by Parfait. The Allure, Prodigy and Absolute collections from Montelle Intimates have also been quite popular recently.


PT: How many bras does a woman actually need in her lingerie wardrobe?

Celine: That’s like asking a woman how many shoes she really needs! The short answer is 5 bras: an everyday seamless bra to wear underneath anything, a demi bra for lower cut tops, a push-up bra to enhance cleavage, a supportive sports bra for exercise, and at least one sexy bra for special and romantic occasions.


PT: Some of us are shy about buying colored bras. What advice would you give to a woman who loves color, but isn’t sure how to incorporate it into her wardrobe?

Celine: It’s incredible how much difference a bit of color can make in the way you feel when you put on your clothes! If you’re wearing lighter colors, you can get away with pale pastels (like light blush pink for example) which usually won’t show under lighter tops. Under dark colors, anything goes, including deep reds, purple, blue, green, you name it! We all need basic bras in black, white, or nude, but don’t be shy to add some color to change it up and keep your lingerie wardrobe looking and feeling fresh.


parfait lynn t shirt bra p13011 now thats lingerie - Best Lingerie Stores: Now That's Lingerie

Parfait Lynn T-Shirt Bra P13011
Available at Now That’s Lingerie
Colors: Black, Nude | Sizes: 30-36A, 30-38B, C, D, DD, E

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Shop at Now That’s Lingerie

Website: Now That’s Lingerie

Phone Number: Toll Free US and Canada- 1-855-521-4244 | International- 1-514-521-4244

Email The Bra Doctor®:

Check out The Bra Doctor®‘s Blog for bra fitting resources, helpful advice, and answers to all of your lingerie questions!


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