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how often to wash bras

How often do you wash your bras? It may be something that you’ve never considered before now, but perhaps you should. When you wash these pieces of lingerie too often, it can lead to some real problems.

Here’s what you need to know:

Check the care tag first

Before you do anything at all, there’s one thing that you’ve got to be sure of. When you buy some brand new lingerie, you should always check the label or product description. Far too many people assume that all bras are suitable for the washing machine.

However, that is simply not the case. Whether you can wash your bras this way will largely depend on the type of material. Some light fabrics – such as silk, for example – could be ‘hand wash only’. When you check the fine print, you can make sure you get it right.

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Look out for signs of over-washing

If you’re worried that you’re washing your bra too often, there are some major red flags that you need to watch out for. Needless to say, over-washing your lingerie will mean that it wears out much faster than it otherwise would.

That means that you could find that you need to replace it sooner than you would usually need to.

Here are some of the signs that you should be aware of when you’re checking out your lingerie:

Worn material

Of course, the fabric of your bra will naturally wear over time. That in itself is something that you can’t avoid. However, if the material starts to wear out after a matter of months, that is a bad sign. High-quality bras typically last 6-12 months or longer with proper care and wear.


How does the color of the fabric look? You need to make sure that the tone stays bright and vibrant at all times. When you find that the bra starts to lose its color, that could mean that you’re washing it too often or it could be due to a poor-quality dye. The sooner you notice this issue, the better.

Loose fit

How well does your bra fit? When you wash your bra too often, you may find that the fabric starts to get looser and looser. If you’re wearing the same bra every day and not giving your bras time to breathe in between wears, the pressure that you’re putting on the material could be causing this problem. If you find that your bra starts to become too baggy, that could be one of the major signs that you’re washing it too frequently (or it could a sign if a poor-quality bra).


One of the other signs that you may well notice is fraying of the material. It’s most common to see this sign near the seams of your bra or lingerie. When you start to notice this problem, it could mean that the bra is starting to wear out. Make sure that you take good care of it so that it lasts a little longer.

Create a system that works for you

Washing your bra too regularly is a real issue. It could mean that you end up ruining a perfectly decent piece of lingerie. However, how often you need to wash your lingerie will depend on how often you wear it.

If you have a handful of bras that you rotate regularly, you may find that you also need to wash them on a regular basis. It’s a case of trial and error. In theory, when you have worn your bra 3-4 times, you should give it a wash (sports bras should be washed after every wear).

Let bras rest between wearing them

Here’s one of the best pieces of advice you need to know about: If you tend to wear the same bra on a regular basis, you should allow it to rest between wears. For example, you might not want to wear the same bra two days in a row so you can give the elastic enough time to retain its original shape.

Instead, you should alternate between different bras so that you don’t wear the same piece too often. When it’s time to wash your bras, make sure that you use a delicate lingerie soap and a mesh lingerie bag (if you choose to wash it in the washing machine).

Final considerations

When you take the time to invest in a piece of lingerie, the last thing you want is to ruin it. Taking a little extra time to look after your finer pieces could be the answer. When you’re conscientious about how and when you wash your bras, it should make all the difference. Start rethinking your washing routine and figure out one that works for you.

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Happy bra shopping!

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