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The world of bra fitting doesn’t have to be a mystery! If you’ve never got fitted for a bra or left it a long time, there are some important things that could be baffling you. You needn’t be afraid to ask these questions. So, are bra fittings free? And, if so, where and how can you make an appointment? Luckily, we have all the answers. Here’s what you need to know.

Why should you get a bra fitting?

Not sure why you should bother getting fitted? While you can measure yourself at home, it’s not always the most advisable way to go. Sure, there are many guides out there that will help you to get this right. There’s just one problem. When people measure themselves, they often get wildly inaccurate results. The fact of the matter is that there are loads of minor details that you have to take into consideration.

You need to ensure that your size is right before you buy any lingerie. Heading to a professional fitter is the only way to make sure that you get the correct measurements. Fitters are fully trained in getting the right details when they go through the fitting process. That means that you can trust them to give you the right band size and cup size.

How often should you get fitted?

Next, let’s deal with how often you should get fitted. Believe it or not, your bra size can change dramatically over the course of a year. For that reason, many professionals recommend that you should get fitted at least once every three months. Everything from weight changes to hormonal changes can affect your bra size. If you want to make sure that you get the right support from your lingerie, you should make this a priority. Simple.

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Are bra fittings free?

Of course, one of the most common reasons that some women skip having bra fitting appointments is because they think that it will be expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you start to do a little research, you will find that many stores and boutiques will offer this as a complimentary service.

What’s more, you are under no obligation to buy products when you have a bra fitting. If you want to see what your size is but are not ready to buy new lingerie yet, you shouldn’t let that hold you back for a second. Talk to the store staff ahead of time. While store policies will vary, most will offer a free fitting as part of the service.

What places offer fitting services?

Now that you’re ready to book a bra fitting, let’s take a quick moment to discuss the places that may offer this service. First of all, should you have a favorite boutique or a store that you regularly visit, it may be worth heading there first. Opting to go to a local store means that you may get a more personalized experience when you have your fitting.

Failing that, many department stores (those with lingerie stores inside them!) may offer this service. Consider the options that are available near your home. You might want to Google to see what stores are nearby and which of them offer this excellent feature.

How can you book yours?

Is it time to get a bra fitting? If you’re unsure of your bra size or just want to check that you’ve got it right, there’s an easy way to do so. Why not go ahead and book an appointment today? Needless to say, there are many super simple ways in which you can make an appointment. The easiest way in which you can do so is to use Google and find a store. Then, you can look on the store’s website and see whether you can book online.

If you can’t find the information that you need that way, you can simply head into the store. Many smaller lingerie stores don’t advertise their fitting services too heavily. That means that the best way you can find out about them is to simply ask a member of staff.

Bra fittings are a crucial part of your self-care. Making sure that you’re always wearing the correct size bra means that you will feel comfortable and confident. When you get into the habit of having regular fittings, you will notice a huge difference in how your lingerie fits you. Start today by simply booking your first appointment now.

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We Highly Recommend

Whether you’re shopping for new everyday bras or lingerie for a special occasion, it’s always a good idea to seek out a second opinion. We know how hard it is to find bras that fit well and feel good, especially when you’re doing it on your own. If you’ve ever felt unsure about your bra size or you just don’t know where to go to find good bras, it’s time to let a bra fitter help.

Many specialty lingerie boutiques offer bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Plus, they know where all of the best bras are hiding.

If you’ve struggled with finding bras in the right size, it’s time to make a change. Visit our specialty store locator to find a store near you and schedule an appointment.

Happy bra shopping!

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