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answers to your frequently asked bra fitting questions 900x600 1 - Q&A: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Bra Fitting Questions
So you’ve made the decision to get a professional bra fitting. Great choice! If you’re someone who likes to research, read reviews, and prepare ahead for things (you’re not alone!), you may have a few questions about where to go for a bra fitting, how much a bra fitting might cost, and how much new bras cost. Well, if you’re looking for answers to those questions, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re considering going to Nordstrom or a specialty bra boutique near you, I’ve included some answers to your frequently asked bra fitting questions below. If you don’t see your question, please feel free to comment and I’ll personally get back to you.

Without much further ado, here we go:

1.  Should I schedule an appointment?

Most stores don’t require appointments. I do recommend contacting the store ahead of time if you have limited time to shop or if it’s during the holiday season or a major sale.

2.  How much does a bra fitting cost?

Most retailers offer complimentary bra fittings. In fact, I haven’t spoken to a retailer yet who charges for a fitting, but there may be one who does.

3.  How much do new bras cost?

At most stores, you can expect to spend $40-$75 on a new bra, but prices may vary. On sale, you might be able to find bras for less than $40. Luxury and custom bras can cost anywhere from $80-$200+

4.  I’m still not sure I need a bra fitting.

Here are some good indicators that it might be time for a bra fitting (and new bras): If you’ve lost or gained weight, become pregnant or had a baby (congrats!), started nursing, or if you haven’t purchased new bras in a year or more.

5.  Where can I find a lingerie retailer in my area?

You can find a list of lingerie retailers on our website at If you’re unable to find a retailer near you, try typing “lingerie retailer near me” or “lingerie retailer” and your zip code into a search engine. Also, most major department stores offer bra fittings.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Bra Fitting Questions new graphic 5 - Q&A: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Bra Fitting Questions

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Have you ever had a bra fitting? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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Katie Donnelly

Katie Donnelly is a full-time freelance writer, content manager, and founder of Katie Rose Creative. An experienced bra fitter, Katie has helped hundreds of people shop for lingerie. Her favorite bra is the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra.

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