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sexy valentines day lingerie

Lingerie: For many women, it’s all about embracing their bodies and making them feel sexy in their own skin. But does lingerie make a good gift?

If you’re scratching your head over whether or not your significant other would be delighted to unwrap some unmentionables, there are a few factors about the occasion and the recipient herself to consider.

What’s her stance, style & size?

Has she mentioned wanting some new bras while passing by a lingerie store, or noted that she loves a particularly elegant white babydoll while browsing online? These hints are a helpful indicator that lingerie would be a stellar gift for your S.O., and on top of that, this is a useful guide for what to buy.

If not, you’ll need to think about what she owns, because if you get her something completely out of the realm of her taste, lingerie could easily come off as a gift for you instead of for her. Is this the first time you’re buying her some underthings? Then play it safe by purchasing something along the lines of what’s already in her collection – look at colors, fabrics, and cuts for your guidelines.

plus size christmas lingerie

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra 6901 | Parfait Charlotte High Waist Brief 6905 in Red/Black

A trendy animal print thong will only go over well if she wears that style of underwear, and likewise, she’s more likely to appreciate a black demi cup bra if black is her go-to color. If she’s a very full-busted woman, a full cup bra is a great choice because she’s bound to appreciate that it offers optimal coverage.

The bottom line: Before you buy, ask yourself: Have you seen her wear anything like this before? But most importantly, are you certain of her sizes? A flawless fit is key with lingerie, so doing a little research by looking at some tags in her collection will go a long way. She’ll be impressed you know her body so well, and moreover, she’s less likely to be hassled by any returns or exchanges.

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What’s the occasion?

One of the smartest ways to gift lingerie is to do so with no occasion whatsoever. Surprising your sweetheart with some lacy undergarments will catch her off guard, and furthermore, it’s less controversial than gifting them on a major holiday when she may be expecting something else.

Of course, lingerie is an obvious choice on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or an anniversary, but on these momentous occasions, we suggest accompanying the lacy underthings with something else, whether it’s a romantic dinner out, concert tickets or something simple, like a perfume she wears or a book she’s been dying to read. Pairing the lingerie with another present is a win-win because it shows appreciate her both inside and outside of the bedroom.

sexy christmas lingerie

Parfait Casey Plunge Molded Bra 3101 | Parfait Casey Hipster 3105 in Lollipop Red

Our Picks

Not sure where to start? Here are our lingerie suggestions for a wide range of tastes.

If she’s elegant…

valentines gifts lingerie

Parfait Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra P5351 | Parfait Sandrine Hipster P5355 in Cameo Rose

A longline plunge bra in cameo rose featuring delicate floral lace shows off some cleavage yet still has a ladylike look. Pair it with a matching sheer hipster or thong for a set that screams romance.

If she’s glamorous…

lingerie gifts for her

Parfait Estelle Padded Bra P5231 | Estelle Hipster P5235 in Black

You’ll hardly get more glam than a balconet bra with floral bouquet lace and a three-part cup design in an inky black or rich merlot hue. Naturally, opt for a flirtatious hipster panty to match.

If she’s seductive…

sexy lingerie gift
Parfait Destiny Unlined Wire Bra P5102 | Parfait Destiny Hipster P5105 in Nightshadow Blue

Black is a foolproof choice for the bedroom, but why not opt for a pretty blue or bold purple instead? An lacy unlined wire bra with satin trim perfectly balances sexiness and sophistication. When paired with a matching faux lace-up hipster or bikini panty (she’ll love the corset-inspired design), it’s an irresistible set.

If she’s playful…

lingerie gift for wife

Parfait Kitty Underwire Babydoll 2108 in Red/Black

In sheer dotted mesh with a bow accent and a V-cutout back, a babydoll is a solid choice that’s fun and flirty.

Still unsure what to get your significant other? Head over to a lingerie specialty store and they’ll help you pick out the perfect gift (just make sure to get her size first).

Gifting lingerie specifically with her figure and fashion preferences in mind will go a long way in showing your appreciation for her. With this guide, you’re well prepared to pick out the perfect pieces to do just that.

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Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra 6901 | Parfait Charlotte High Waist Brief 6917 in Red/Black
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