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The start of the new year is an excellent time to replace old bras. After all, new year, new you – right? But don’t run off to the lingerie stores just yet. Create a sort of strategy so you don’t come home empty-handed And, so you don’t end up wasting your money on bras you don’t need or dislike later.

Here’s how to smartly buy bras in the new year:

1.  Toss bras before going bra shopping.

Toss old bras before hitting the lingerie stores. You’ll want to rid your lingerie drawer of bras that don’t fit, bras that are showing wear and tear and bras that you haven’t worn a bra in six months or longer. If you haven’t worn a bra in six months, you likely won’t wear it again. However, if want to save a good bra – perhaps for pregnancy or nursing – do so. Just remove it from your lingerie drawer so the drawer only contains bras you want to wear now. You can also donate bras that are in good condition.

2.  Take inventory of your lingerie drawer before shopping.

Take inventory of your lingerie drawer after you’ve purged old bras. Did you toss your strapless bra because it lost its shape? Did you let go of your best push-up because it no longer fit? Do you have any t-shirt bras at all? Make a mental list (or real one!) of what bras you need to add to your collection.

3.  Get a professional bra fitting

It’s essential to get a professional bra fitting before trying on bras. Did your bra size change in the last year? Has it been a while since your last bra fitting? Have you never had one? Make sure you’re fitted for a bra, so you buy the right size and don’t waste money.

4.  Take your time.

Make sure you have about three hours for your bra shopping trip. You’ll need plenty of time for bra fitting, browsing and trying on various bras. You can also schedule your bra fitting in advance to ensure an associate can help you promptly. If you do schedule the appointment, still budget a few hours for your trip.

5.  Shop around.

It’s a good idea to shop around after your bra fitting. Try on bras from various lingerie stores. You can even get a second bra fitting. Don’t feel pressured to buy from the first lingerie store you visit.

6.  Smartly buy bras you can wear during all seasons.

It’s not every day you go bra shopping. So, think ahead to ensure you smartly buy bras that you can wear for a variety of seasons. Perhaps you make sure to pick up a strapless bra for your spring vacation. Just remember that your bra size could change over the next few months. It may be best to buy a select few bras now, then shop again later after having another bra fitting.

7.  Buy bras you know you’ll love wearing.

Think back to the bras you purged before bra shopping. Were there any styles you tossed because they didn’t suit you? With so many beautiful bras on the market, it’s easy to get distracted. Make sure you only buy bras you know you’ll love to wear.

8.  Shop smart.

Quality bras are more expensive. But, they will better maintain their shape over time and last longer. If you buy cheap bras, you risk needing to buy new ones soon due to wear and tear.

Bra shopping can be overwhelming, so it’s good to start with a plan. That way, you make intentional purposes that you’ll be happy with when you get home. Happy bra shopping in the new year!

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Happy bra shopping!

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