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If you have big boobs, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to have small boobs. The reality of having large boobs (and all that they bring) can be a tad difficult.

From unwanted attention to the struggle of finding a bra that fits, there are just some things that all women with large boobs experience. Here are just eight of them: 

1.  You worry about wearing low-cut tops

Repeat after me: “I can wear anything I please!” Say it. Learn it. Remember it. Just because you have large breasts doesn’t mean that you can’t wear low-cut tops… or any other cut, for that matter. The point is that you need to wear things that make you feel comfortable and confident. If an outfit happens to tick both of those boxes, you’re certainly going to be onto a winner. Whenever you second-guess whether you should wear a certain outfit, remember that you have every right to! And while you’re at, opt for a plunge bra under your low-cut tops for a little extra support. You can thank us later! 

2.  You have a hard time finding your size

You walk into a lingerie store full of hope that they will have a beautiful bra in your size. Ten minutes later, you realize that was a dream. Mainstream stores rarely stock your particular size and, when they do, the bras fly out faster than you can say ‘I’ll take one of those!’ Still, while you may not be able to get what you need on the high street, there are boutiques and online stores where you can. Bras with large cup sizes don’t have to be dull or boring — our range just so happens to be stunning and gorgeous — but they can be little harder to find.

3.  People assume they can stare at your boobs

What is it about large breasts that makes people think they can stare at them? Sometimes, people who seem otherwise totally respectful of you, will think nothing of doing this. You’ll be talking to them one minute, glance away, only to look back and see them checking out your boobs. This type of behavior is never okay. Period. You have absolutely every right to call someone on this when it happens. It might feel awkward, but they are the ones in the wrong here. If you’re not sure what to say, a simple “My eyes are up here” can do the trick. 

4.  Finding the right sports bra can be a nightmare

Support. Support. Support. It’s hard to come by. When you have big boobs, finding a  sports bra that actually does what it says on the tag can be nothing short of a nightmare. Sure, they all claim that they will give you all the support and comfort that you need, but how can you actually be sure? Luckily, we have all the info you need on how to choose the right sports bra, so the process is simpler than you may imagine. Phew.

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5.  And they will ask you ‘where you got them’

Has there ever been a more offensive question asked? People may think that they are being playful when they say something like this, but it is completely out of line. The implication here is that you either had a boob job (which is nobody’s business) or that you purposely ‘grew’ your breasts (which is not how it works at all). In both instances, the question is totally inappropriate and not okay to ask. Oh, and you totally don’t have to answer this question either. You don’t have to say anything.

6.  When you complain, people think you’re bragging

While you love your body completely, there are times when having large breasts can get on your nerves. For example, you may complain about the sports bra issue or say that your back or shoulders hurt now and then. Rather than getting a little much-deserved sympathy for this issue, though, your words are always met with the same response: “You’re so lucky you have big boobs. I wish I did.” or “People would pay for your boobs. Quit complaining.” or “That doesn’t seem like a problem to me.” People will tell you to stop complaining. Ouch. Apparently, you’re not allowed to talk about your breasts in any context. But we all know that’s not true! 

7.  Finding the ideal bras for dresses is hard

When you find the perfect dress for a special occasion, there’s yet another thing to worry about. Now you have to find the right bra for the dress. Sigh! It’s anything but easy. Getting the support you need in a bra that also looks right with the outfit can be seriously tricky, especially if you’re dealing with an off-the-shoulder design or a halter cut. No one seems to understand the lengths that you go to when it comes to this. Plus, there are some styles that you can’t even wear because you can’t hide a supportive bra under them (backless dress, anyone?) The struggle is so real.  

8.  You may get accused of ‘flaunting’ them

No matter what you wear or where you happen to be, the same accusation will be thrown at you over and over again. People will tell you that you’re ‘flaunting’ your boobs. Um, no. Just because you have them and dare not to strap them down, that does not mean that you’re showing them off. Don’t even get us started on going braless – we all love to give our boobs a break sometimes, but the negative comments people make are ridiculous. Why does it matter to them if we’re deciding to go without a bra? And why is it ok for women with small boobs to get without a bra, but we get ridiculed? It’s our choice to go braless or not. The fact that some people seem to take exception to the size of your breasts or your body shape is nothing short of offensive. Don’t stand for it. You deserve so much better than that.

Come on, women with large boobs unite! Loving yourself and your body is about fully accepting your shape and size. You are beautiful — and you know it. While there are a few struggles you face, you adore the way that you look and the skin you’re in. You are you. Plain and simple. Nothing is more powerful than that.

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Many specialty lingerie boutiques offer bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Plus, they know where all of the best bras are hiding.

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Happy bra shopping!

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