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wrong bra size

If your bra is even slightly too big or too small, it’s uncomfortable and frustrating. Not only can you see visible signs that your bra doesn’t fit when standing in just your bra, but you can tell even when wearing clothes. And, that tugs at your confidence because the bra clearly isn’t doing its job to support, life or shape your bust.

Do you feel a little unenthused when you see yourself in your bra? Is your bra uncomfortable? It could be because the bra is not the right size. Read on for eight signs that indicate your bra doesn’t fit:

1.  There are gaps between the bra cups and your boobs.

A gap between the cup of the bra and your breast immediately signifies your bra doesn’t fit. The gap results from your breasts not filling the cup fully. The cups should hug your boobs tightly, allowing no extra space between your boob and the bra.

2.  You have to adjust the bra constantly.

Having to adjust your boobs into your bra throughout the day is an indicator that your bra isn’t the right size. The bra should remain in place as you move throughout the day.

3.  Your bra straps fall off your shoulders.

Bra straps that fall off your shoulders, even after tightening them, mean your bra doesn’t fit. (Your bra is the wrong size, too, if you tighten the straps then have gaps in the bra cups.) The bra straps should rest snugly on your shoulders to help the bra stay in place.

4.  Your bra straps dig into your shoulders.

Though you don’t want the bra straps falling off your shoulders, you certainly don’t want the straps digging into your shoulders. This is a sign that your bra isn’t the right size, and it’s often why many women say bras are painful.

The straps dig into your shoulders when the bra band isn’t tight enough. This causes more strain on the bra straps, which leads to them to add pressure to your shoulders.

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5.  The bra band rides up on your back.

A bra band that rides up on your back is a sign that your bra is too big. A smaller bra band will allow the band to stay in place and support your bust. The bra band provides the most support, and it must fit well for all parts of a bra to feel comfortable.

6.  The boning of the bra rests on your boobs.

If the boning – underwire or wire-free band – of a bra rests on your breast tissue, you need a bigger bra. The center panel of the bra between the cups (called the gore) should rest directly on your chest between your boobs. The underwire or wire-free band should rest under your boobs on your rib cage.

7.  Underwire digs into your boobs.

Many women think wired bras are uncomfortable. However, a wired bra is typically only uncomfortable when the underwire digs into your boobs, which means the bra is too small.

8.  Your boobs spill out of the cups.

Your boobs spilling out of the sides, tops or bottoms of the bra cups signify that you need a bigger bra. The bra cups should encompass all of your breast tissue comfortably, providing a smooth appearance.

If you experience any of these bra symptoms, your bra doesn’t fit you well. It’s best to get a bra fitting before buying new bras to ensure you know your size and buy the best-fitting bra for you.

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Happy bra shopping!

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