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Add Some Adventure To Your Weekend With These 8 Activities - 8 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Are you a weekend warrior, bravely fighting through the week, only to make it to the weekend exhausted and without plans?

I find that the weekly routine in conjunction with necessities like post office runs, grocery shopping, responsibilities at your kid’s school, and other chores can really wear you down by the time Friday evening rolls around, making it tempting to stay indoors, nap, and binge-watch Netflix.

While we all need some downtime to rest and focus on our wellbeing, it can be energizing to get off the couch and try something new over the weekend. With just a tiny bit of planning before Friday rolls around and limited money spent, you could have an active weekend that truly helps to clear your mind for the coming workweek.

Add some excitement and wonder back into your weekend by doing something that breaks you out of your routine. If you have been feeling especially stuck lately, maybe even try something you’ve never done before so you can regain your sense of wonder and be ready to tackle your to-do list come Monday morning.

1.  Visit a nearby town

Even if you are on a tight budget, hopping in your car or on public transportation to visit a neighboring town you’ve never been to before is doable. Imagine walking down streets lined with colorful cookie-cutter houses, hip cafes surrounding a town square, or a great nature reserve just waiting for you to hike through — this could be right around the corner from your home. So break your typical weekend mold, and spend an afternoon out of town.

2.  Try a new restaurant

Maybe you live in a city with a great restaurant scene. Dining at one of the spots you’ve never tried, either solo, on a date, or with your family, can introduce you to new flavors, acquaint you with your new favorite spot, and help to spice up your weekend.

3.  Plan a getaway

Sometimes, the only way to break out of your routine and feel refreshed is to take a weekend getaway. If you feel as though you’ve hit a wall lately with your career or personal life, sometimes the best way to get back on your game is to get away for a weekend. Whether you opt for a city break, natural excursion, adrenaline inducing adventure, or relaxing tropical getaway, you are sure to return feeling inspired and ready to tackle any obstacles you are facing.

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4.  Enjoy a staycation

After a trying week, spending some time on your own wellness should be prioritized, and what a better way than booking into a nice hotel in your town. If you can afford to splash out, why not treat yourself to a spa treatment or two and order room service while you enjoy HBO.  Even though you are staying near home, getting out of your house and into some pampering luxury will help you to feel rejuvenated come Monday.

5.  Visit a nearby museum

Enhance your weekend by surrounding yourself with knowledge and culture. If the forecast rains on your sunny-day plans, don’t give in to the call of Netflix; persist by heading to a nearby museum to while away the hours surrounded by interesting facts and well-curated exhibits. Perhaps you’ll even want to combine your day out with a visit to a restaurant or café you’ve never dined at before to make the day even more special.

6.  Do a photo walk

If you are into photography, planning an evening spending golden hour out photographing the most picturesque parts of your home can be a ton of fun, and can remind you of the beauty of where you live. Investing some time into a hobby is good for your personal growth and can help to calm your mind. If you are an early riser, or feeling super motivated, you could even plan a morning photo walk to catch sunrise, with a stop for coffee or brunch afterwards.

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7.  Head to the library

I’m always an advocate for visiting your local library. Most libraries offer a wide array of facilities, free activities, and workshops in addition to loaning books and movies. Check out which facilities your local library offers by paying them a visit this weekend.

8.  Get outdoors

 Research shows that getting outdoors is an easy and effective stress and anxiety reliever. If your week has been hectic or you expect a crazy week ahead, try to spend the weekend outdoors. It should help to lower your stress and anxiety levels, and moderate exercise will amp up that calming feeling by releasing endorphins. Whether you opt to spend your day on the water, at the beach, on a mountain, or in a forest, you’ll certainly feel relaxed by the time you return home.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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