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No topics are off the table when girlfriends get together – relationships, work, periods, bras. Girlfriends come together for advice because everyone’s combined experience brings a wealth of knowledge.

It’s essential that as many women as possible are educated about bras because so many of us are wearing the wrong bra size. Let’s dive into some key bra facts your girlfriends need to know, so the next time the topic comes up, you’ll be able to provide helpful advice.

1.  Your bra shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

It seems many women are under the impression that bras just can’t be comfortable. In reality, bras should never be uncomfortable. An uncomfortable bra is a sign that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. When you find the right bra, it will hug you in all the right places and boost your confidence and your mood.

2.  There is such a thing as a good-fitting bra.

Your girlfriend may think there’s no such thing as a good-fitting bra. Lucky for her, you know the truth. There is a bra (and likely, several of them) out there for every shape and style. Whether you have big or small boobs, a good-fitting bra exists. I promise.

3.  Bra fittings are essential.

Bra fittings are the only way to truly know your bra size. During a bra fitting, a bra fitter will take measurements of your bust to determine the best cup and band size. Don’t let your friends skip a bra fitting when bra shopping. It’s a good rule of thumb to get one before every bra shopping trip, or about every six months to a year.

4.  Wearing the right bra size matters.

Wearing the right bra size is the key to feeling confident and comfortable in a bra. All too often, buying new bras falls off the priority list. Instead, you wear a bra that’s slightly too big or too small. What does it really matter? Trust me, it matters! Once you get into a bra that’s truly your size, you’ll love wearing your bras. And, you won’t know how you ever allowed yourself to wear the wrong size.

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5.  Your bra size can fluctuate.

There are many factors that can cause your bra size to change – weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, age, menopause, breastfeeding, etc. So, if your girlfriend mentions that her boobs shrunk or grew, it’s very possible she’s right. The best way to manage fluctuations in bra size is to get a bra fitting when there’s a change.

6.  You’re likely wearing the wrong bra size.

You’ve probably heard that 80 percent of women are walking around in the wrong bra size. (I was one of them.) The thing is, women that are wearing the wrong bra size don’t realize it. Encourage your girlfriends to get a bra fitting so they’ll know if they need new bras.

7.  You shouldn’t dry bras in the dryer.

You’ve probably heard the rumor that you shouldn’t dry bras. It’s no rumor – it’s a fact. The high heat from the dyer can damage a bra’s elastic, fabric and shape. It’s best to let a bra airdry so it preserves its like-new quality.

8.  You should handwash all of your bras.

Bras are delicate items, and you shouldn’t wash bras in the washing machine. Instead, it’s better to handwash them in the sink. If you must use a washing machine, insert the bra into a lingerie mesh bag before washing. This keeps the bra safe from the harsh cycle and prevents it from getting tangled on other items in the wash.

Bras are designed to maximize a woman’s comfort and confidence. However, a poor-fitting or damaged bra can be detrimental to both elements. The next time a girlfriend has a bra question or problem, you’ll be able to point her in the direction. Because comfort and confidence shouldn’t be sacrificed.

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Happy bra shopping!

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