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do sports bras support your breasts

Finding the right sports bra is a strategic effort, just like it is when finding the right every day bra. Wearing the right sports bra for you and your exercise regimen is key to getting the most out of your workout. It’s possible you may be wearing the wrong sports bra. If so, it’s also possible that your sports bra is hindering your workout.

Wondering if you’re not wearing the best sports bra for you? Here are seven signs you’re wearing the wrong one:

1.  Your sports bra feels loose.

A sports bra is meant to fit snug, so it can support your bust. It should fit tighter than your regular bra because you want it to keep your boobs in place during exercise. An oh-so-slightly loose sports bra can’t support your boobs properly. You may be wearing the wrong size if your sports bra isn’t snug fitting.

2.  Your boobs bounce a lot during exercise.

You wear a sports bra to minimize bouncing and avoid your boobs getting in the way during exercise. So, you’re likely in the wrong sports bra if your boobs bounce a lot during your workout. Even women with big busts can minimize bouncing with the right sports bra.

3.  The straps dig into your shoulders.

Digging bra straps are a sign that you’re wearing the wrong bra – whether it’s a sports bra or a regular bra. It’s likely you need a different size or a more supportive style if the straps dig into your shoulders. A wide underband and wide bra straps can help provide a comfortable, supportive fit in sports bras.

4.  You’re wearing a compression sports bra for intense exercise.

Compression sports bras aren’t intended for medium- and high-impact activities, like running or aerobics. Compression bras simply push your boobs towards your body, which doesn’t provide much support. These bras are best for low-impact sports, like yoga or pilates. When doing strenuous activities, you’ll at least want a medium-impact sports bra with supportive features, like encapsulated cups and adjustable padded straps.

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5.  The built-in cups rest on your boobs.

Supportive sports bras are designed to reduce bounce and hold your boobs in place while you’re working out. To provide proper support, the cups must fit snugly around your bust. It’s a sign that your sports bra is too small if the cups rest on your boobs instead of around them.

6.  Your breast tissue is spilling over the sides of the sports bra.

Side boob can be a sign of a fit problem. Breast tissue that falls out of your sports bra can be uncomfortable and frustrating while exercising. Side boob or side spillage may signify that you need a larger bra size or a different style sports bra.

7.  You didn’t see a bra fitter when purchasing your sports bras.

Think you can get away with skipping a bra fitting since you’re “just” buying a sports bra? Nope! Bra fittings are just as important when buying sports bras as they are when buying regular bras. The bra fitter takes your measurements to decide the best sports bra size for you. And no, it’s not always black and white – there’s a bit of science to it. So, if you feel like your sports bra fit is slightly off, it could be because you skipped the bra fitting.

It’s a good idea to visit a bra fitter if any of these symptoms apply to you and your sports bra. Getting in the right sports bra will make a huge difference in your workout. Exercise in your new sports bra once, and you’ll never know how you survived a workout in the wrong fit.

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Happy bra shopping!

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