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what is bridal lingerie

Are those wedding bells ringing yet? If you’re in the midst of planning your upcoming nuptials, there’s one thing that you must never forget — your bridal lingerie. While the dress no doubt takes center stage in your heart, what you slip on beneath it is just as important. So, what bridal lingerie set should you choose? Here are some questions that will help you figure it out.

1.  Should You Buy The Dress First?

Before you buy your lingerie, you should absolutely choose your wedding gown. The type of dress that you wear will dictate what kind of underwear you need, and so it’s essential that you know what you’re looking for. Of course, different styles of lingerie from push-up bras to baby doll sets suit different dress shapes. Once you have your wedding dress picked out, you can begin to look at the various options available out there. That way, you can easily tailor the underwear to suit the look that you’re hoping to achieve.

2.  Does The Lingerie Have To Match The Dress?

As I’ve already covered, the lingerie needs to suit the shape and style of the dress. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that your bridal lingerie needs to ‘match’ your dress in terms of the way it looks. There are a great many styles out there when it comes to bridal sets, and so there’s really no need to limit yourself. Remember, the one people who will get to see the set you choose are you and your partner. So, go don’t be afraid to go a little wild.

3.  How Far In Advance Should You Buy It?

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Weddings take a seriously long time to plan. These things don’t just come together overnight and don’t you know it. While you may well plan your big day years in advance, your lingerie should actually be one of the final things that you end up buying. The reason is simple — your sizes may change over time. That means that you could easily end up getting the wrong bra size if you do it too far in advance. Don’t make that mistake. Get your lingerie after your final dress fitting so the size is just perfect for your body.

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should you wear lingerie under the wedding dress

4.  Do You Need Two Lingerie Sets?

In recent years, women have started mixing things up when it comes to their lingerie. There’s absolutely nothing to say that you shouldn’t have two separate sets for your big day. You could choose one light and comfortable set for the daytime and another, more luxurious set for your first night with your spouse. Doing so will add an extra level of drama and intrigue to the special day as well as meaning that you have yet another excuse to really go ahead and treat yourself to something stunning.

5.  Do You Have To Pick White?

Traditionally, wedding lingerie tends to be white or ivory, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that notion too rigidly. There are many colors, tones, and trends out there. While it may be entirely logical to choose a white set for the day, you may well wish to go for something a little more risque when night falls. In the lead-up to the big day itself, be sure to browse a whole load of lingerie sets online until you fall head over heels in love with one of them. The truth of the matter is that you deserve to feel stunning in the set you choose.

6.  Which Bra Will Suit Your Wedding Dress?

Here’s where things get a little tricky. The style of bridal bra that you choose will depend heavily on the wedding dress you get. These days, there’s a whole array of different styles out there from off-the-shoulder gowns to backless dresses. That means that you may well need a specific style of bra to suit the wedding dress that you end up choosing. Take the time to consider this when it comes to picking out a bra for the day. Tailoring your bra to the type of dress you decide to wear will mean that your entire look is actually flawless.

7.  Will You Be Comfortable In It?

Finally, here’s the most important thing that you need to keep in mind. Your wedding day is an extremely important occasion, but it’s also an extremely long one. From the church to the reception hall, you’re going to be kept more-than-busy all day long. That’s why you need to make 100% sure that you are comfortable at all times. Nothing else will do. When it comes to your bridal lingerie. The last thing you want is to feel awkward or uncomfortable when you’re walking down the aisle, right? Sometimes, comfort really is confident. Don’t forget that… Not even for a minute.

Remember, you will only ever need to buy some luxe bridal lingerie once, and so you really deserve to splurge on something that will take your partner’s breath away. Choosing your set (or even two sets!) should never once be a chore. Instead, it should be nothing short of a pleasure. Whether you want to keep the underwear a surprise for the big day or share the experience with your partner, you need to savor this exhilarating time. After all, it may just be the most important underwear set you ever buy.

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 where to buy wedding day lingerie

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