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7 Classy Ways to Style a Bralette - 7 Classy Ways To Style A Bralette

Bralettes can boost an outfit, whether you’re heading into the office or hitting the town. Here are our seven favorite ways to style a bralette:

1.  Wear a bralette under a drapey tank top.

Drop armhole tanks are a go-to whether you’re hitting the gym or running errands around town. Instead of a sports bra, pair your tank with a bralette. You’ll see the bralette’s detailing under your arm and possibly on your back, depending on what style tank you’re wearing. Wearing a bralette with one of these tanks makes for a more casual look, instead of sporty, so you can pop in for lunch or stop by the office without feeling underdressed.

2.  Wear a bralette as a cami under a top.

Some tops are a little too low to wear comfortably or have buttons that tend to peep open in the bust. A camisole tank top can be worn under a blouse to combat this, but you must constantly adjust, tuck-in or pull it down. Instead, wear a bralette under a top that is a little too revealing. It will provide coverage and will add some classy femininity to your outfit.

3.  Wear a bralette under a sheer blouse.

Sheer blouses are in, and for a good reason too. They are feminine and sexy, revealing your silhouette. Plus, they serve as a great opportunity to show off a pretty bra or bralette! Pair a sheer blouse with a simple, lacy bralette for a subtle look. Or, opt for a bralette with front and back crossbody straps or cut-outs for an edgier outfit.

4.  Wear a bralette under a cut-out dress or sweater.

Some dresses look best with nothing under them, hence a strapless bra. But cut-out sweaters and dresses look adorable when you add a fun bralette under them. Bonus points if you find a bralette that uses similar colors or fabrics (e.g. beige lace) as the dress. The bralette will look like an extension of the dress, making it look and feel even more trendy.

5.  Wear a bralette as a top.

Some bralettes are made a little longer or more covering than others, and this makes them the perfect top to partner with high-waisted skirts and pants. The bralette will hit just above the waistline of your bottoms, giving you that subtle crop top look. As we transition into fall, throw on a denim or leather jacket to fight the chill (or to show less skin).

6.  Wear a bralette under a buttoned blazer.

A bralette that goes straight across the bust – not a plunge-necklike an actual bra – is ideal under buttoned blazers. Unlike a cami, you won’t have to worry about the bralette coming untucked or showing at the bottom of your blazer. Choose a bralette with pretty detailing – like fringe or lace – across the top, and you’ll have a chic 9 to 5 look.

7. Wear a bralette under plunge-neck tees.

Plunge-neck tees are in style, and they are screaming to be worn with bralettes. Because the tees are so low in the front – some even low in the back too – they will show off much of your bralette’s detailing. You can get as adventurous as you want here, and I guarantee you’ll feel foxy with your décolleté look.

Incorporating a bralette as an accessory or main staple within an outfit is a major “yes” in my book. You get a look that is low maintenance, and you omit wearing a bra. Win-win!

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What’s your favorite way to style your bralettes?


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