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best pregnancy apps

Going through a pregnancy can be an exciting and confusing time for both expectant mother and fathers.  The combination of not knowing what to expect through your pregnancy as well as your expectations as a new parent can leave you with a lot more questions than answers.

Luckily, in today’s technologically based world, we can find these answers as well as a lot of other useful tools and advice at our fingertips.  To help manage your pregnancy and get the answers to the questions you need, try one of the 7 pregnancy apps listed below.

The Bump

bump app

The Bump is a popular pregnancy app that offers a free version as well as an upgraded pay version.  It is a great app for first-time moms who want to know all they can about their developing baby.  The app gives week by week pregnancy and development information and provides detailed checklists for everything from what to ask at appointments to what to bring to the hospital.  The format is easy to navigate even for those less than tech savvy users.

Glow Nurture

glow nurture

Just like the name sounds, Glow Nurture is a pregnancy app created to help promote a healthy pregnancy.  With the app, you can do research on your symptoms, keep track of your upcoming appointments in a planner, and chat and socialize with other would-be moms at the same point in their pregnancies.  What is unique about this app is that it has a section to keep a log of your health and thoughts.  The app is expected to add some new features that are some of my favorites including a timer for contractions and a kick counter.

Totally Pregnant

totally pregnant

If you are looking to mix a little socializing in with your pregnancy app, download Totally Pregnant.  The app provides you with a lot of information about pregnancy and your little one’s development while also connecting you with other moms.  You can follow the real mom vlogs or get tips and tricks by been-there-done-that moms on how to get through your pregnancy and plan for your upcoming arrival.  My favorite part of the app is that it offers prenatal classes at the swipe of a finger.

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sprout app

Sprout is a great app to document your pregnancy while being able to keep records as well.  You can not only log pictures of your growing baby bump but can combine them with your ultrasound photos to create amazing prints or photo albums to document your pregnancy journey or share on social media.  In addition to photo storage, there are also areas to set reminders, keep track of appointments, and mark down questions you may have for your doctor as issues arise.

Who’s Your Daddy

whos your daddy app

One of the best pregnancy apps for dads goes by the lighthearted name of Who’s Your Daddy.  The app comes with the standard fanfare of typical pregnancy apps including a contraction timer, weekly and monthly development information, and checklists such as what to have in your hospital bag.  The unique part of the app is it ties the humor of been-there-done-that dads with insights on to what your partner is experiencing throughout their pregnancy.  What I like best is it gives dad some insider tips on how to help you through your pregnancy such as foot rubs and prenatal massages.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

ovia pregnancy

Moms looking to increase or maintain their health during pregnancy will find the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app the best system for them.  To start, you will enter in your information about your health such as health issues, BMI, age, and fitness level.  The app provides reminders for you to take your vitamins and helps you to stay on track with your weight and diet via a food log to help ensure proper nutrition.  The app also sinks with your fitness tracker to help monitor your activity level and sleep.

What to Expect

 what to expect baby app

One of the most trusted names when it comes to pregnancy, What to Expect, has created an app to help you manage all the aspects of pregnancy.  The app has amazing videos that take you step by step through your growing baby’s development as well as provides you with fantastic tips through each phase of your pregnancy.  You will also receive a daily news feed of these tips to help keep you on track for a healthy pregnancy.  I love the fact that they have taken the information from one of the most popular books on pregnancy and turned it into daily digestible content that continues to be updated to provide the best information for its users.

Help keep track of your health and appointments, learn more about your developing baby, or connect socially with other moms by trying out one of the amazing pregnancy apps above.

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Your turn! Which apps are you using?

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