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We all have that go-to bra that’s a favorite. And, sometimes we try to ignore the fact that it’s time to let it go. You need to toss the bra when it’s no longer doing its job. Wondering if you can hold onto it for just a little longer? The answer is no if you can raise a hand to any of these statements.

Here are six signs it’s time to toss your favorite bra:

1.  The underwire is poking through the fabric.

It’s time to buy a new bra if you can see the underwire. Underwire that’s poking through your bra’s fabric is annoying and painful. Unfortunately, there’s no good way to reverse this damage. The underwire is strategically designed and inserted into the bra to provide support. So, pushing the underwire back into the bra won’t guarantee the bra will return to its original state.

2.  It’s falling apart.

Signs of wear and tear may seem cosmetic. However, a bra that’s falling apart can’t do its job. Did the clasp break on your bra band? You can’t get ample support from creating a work-around on a broken clasp. The band needs to fit you exactly because it provides the most support. Is the elastic becoming exposed? The elastic is probably stretched. Are your straps fraying? The elastic in the straps likely stretched, too. It’s time to toss that favorite bra if it’s falling apart.

3.  It’s too small…

It’s possible that a bra once fit well, but is now too small. Your bra size may have changed, and this is perfectly normal. But, you shouldn’t continue wearing a bra that’s too small. If it’s in good condition, donate the bra. But if you can’t make yourself part with it, store it away for a later day. (But seriously. Will you even like the style when you can fit into it again?) Either way, you must stop wearing it!

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4.  …or it’s too big.

You can outgrow your favorite bra, and your bra can outgrow you, too. (Well, figuratively speaking.) A bra that’s too big certainly can’t do its job. And, it won’t make you feel good about yourself either. Some signs that your bra is too big include gaps in the cups, falling straps or a band that rides up. It’s time to toss a bra if it’s too big.

5.  It’s no longer supportive.

Your bra is designed to lift your bust. Even a favorite bra will fail at this over time. The fabric becomes weak. The elastic is stretched. The cups begin to lose their shape. All of these things hinder the bra from hugging your body and lifting your breasts. Replace your bra if it’s no longer being supportive.

6.  You don’t like how you look in it.

A bra that fits you well will boost your confidence. You’ll like how you look in it and your clothes will fit better, too. If your bra isn’t boosting your confidence, it’s time to get rid of it.

As sad as it is, you must let go of your favorite bra eventually. Don’t keep telling yourself that you can keep it for one more month, or that the bra isn’t that old. A bra doesn’t have to be old to no longer suit you. Toss the bra, and go bra shopping. But, get a bra fitting first because your bra size may have changed since your last fitting. You may even find your personal style has changed, too. Finding the perfect, new bra will make you wonder why you held on to that old bra for so long.

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Happy bra shopping!

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