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bad to wear the same bra everyday

It can be tough finding bras that you love and that truly fit. When you do find one the one, you want to wear it every day because you love it that much. However, wearing the same bra every day comes with many downfalls.

Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t wear the same bra every day (even if it is your favorite):

1.  Your bra gets really dirty.

Your bra gets a little dirty every time you wear it, and by the third wear or so, it’s begging to be washed. Sweat, body oils and dead skin cells rub off onto your bra as you wear it. Wearing the bra every day means the particles will build up quickly on the bra. As particles build-up, they break down your bra’s fabric and elastic. However, rotating your bras every day allows each bra to get worn equally without one bra getting too dirty too quickly.

2.  It can irritate your skin.

All that sweat, oil and dead skin creates bacteria that can irritate your skin. Exposing your skin to that bacteria may cause acne in the areas your bra touches. It’s also possible that wearing the bra daily means it won’t fully dry from the previous wear. Wearing the same bra from the day before that’s still a little sweaty may chafe your skin.

3.  It will stretch out quickly.

Each time you wear your bra, it stretches to fit your body snugly. Your bra needs at least 24 hours between wears to retain its original shape. However, wearing the bra again the next day means it won’t have time to shrink back and will remain slightly stretched. This will force the bra to stretch out much more quickly than normal, no longer providing the support or comfort it once did.

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4.  You won’t be able to launder it properly.

Your bra should be washed every three wears, unless it gets really dirty in one wear. And, it’s best to have a few bras in rotation so the bras don’t get over-washed. Washing one bra diligently every few wears may keep it clean, but it doesn’t help it maintain a like-new condition. Washing the bra too often will wear it out quickly.

On the other hand, you may only wash your bra once a week because you wear it each day. This doesn’t allow you to cleanse it from those particles that can harm your skin and your bra’s quality.

5.  Stains may be more difficult to remove.

As your bra gets dirty, you’ll notice it also looks dirty. That discoloration typically fades after you launder the bra. However, wearing the bra each day allows the stains to seep into the fabrics. This can create permanent stains in the bra. It may seem cosmetic, but stains also mean that sweat and oils could be permanently damaging your bra’s elastic and fit.

6.  You’ll have to buy new bras sooner.

Wearing the same bra every day undoubtedly ages the bra. Whether your bra no longer fits like it did or is showing signs of wear and tear, you’ll have to buy new bras sooner. However, having a few bras on-hand means you won’t wear them out prematurely, saving you money down the road.

If you’re someone who’s been wearing the same bra each day, stop! Head to your local lingerie store for a bra fitting and find a couple more go-to bras for every day use.

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Happy bra shopping!

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