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what is a longline bra

Are you ready to try something completely new? If you’re looking for a brand new piece to add to your lingerie collection, we may have a genius idea for you. How about a longline bra?

Here are six serious reasons why every woman should own one:

1.  Retro style meets contemporary vibes

One of the most wonderful things about a longline bra is how it at once combines the new with the old. It’s true that the cut of this piece is most akin to throwback, retro lingerie. And yet, despite this, it still looks thoroughly modern next to some of the most contemporary lingerie of the year. The secret is quite plain to see – longline bras offer a timeless level of elegance and style, while never once looking outdated or old.

It’s well worth taking a little time to have a look at the longline styles that are out there. Not all bras are created equal, you know? Shop around and see which you think may suit you. You never know, you may just find something that’s perfect for you!

2.  Longline bras can be seriously comfortable

Psst… We’re going to let you in on a little something right here, right now. Longline bras can be seriously comfortable. If you’re looking for lingerie which you can wear on a daily basis and still feel super sexy, you may just have found it. The longer cut of these bras means that you get a boost on the comfort factor. So, when you slip one of these sultry pieces on, you will definitely notice a big difference in how you feel. If you’ve never tried one for yourself, you could be missing out in a major way.

3.  They create a seamless, smooth finish

Should you have a beautiful body-con dress that you’ve been dying to take for a ride or a stunning to-the-skin top, the longline bra is a smart and savvy choice. The brilliant thing about this style of lingerie is that it offers a seamless, smooth finish no matter what you wear it beneath. The longer material flattens out any creases or lines that you may get with other types of bras in an instant.

Remember, if you have a particular type of dress or outfit in mind, it’s always worth trying it on with this type of bra. You never know how your underwear will show through unless you give it a go. That way, you can be 100% sure that the style will suit your clothing. Easy.

4.  The beauty is in the intricacies

Whether it’s the lacy bodice of the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra or the beautiful embroidery on the Tattoo Padded Balconet Longline Bra, there’s just so much to fall in love with here. Honestly, the beauty of these pieces lies within their sheer intricacies. It’s where they really do excel and take things to the very next level.

When you invest in a stunning longline bra, you can be sure that you will keep on discovering new things about it that you adore. Each and every bra of this type has its own charming details. When you get your own, you will have the chance to take them all in and enjoy how delectably sweet they are. What could be better?

5.  Longline bras offer some extra support

Support is longline bras’ middle name. Many of us ladies need extra support and comfort when it comes to the lingerie that we ultimately choose. If that’s a deciding factor when it comes to your shopping choices, it’s totally worth your time to check out all that the longline bra has to offer. You may just be surprised by what you find.

The thicker material and extra fabric around the band means that you can get some real oomph here. A little-known fact about bras is that much of the support lies in the band. That means that when you opt for a piece with a wide band, you’ll certainly feel supported. 

6.  They simply ooze glamor and sophistication

Every lady out there should feel gorgeous and fabulous on a daily basis. If you don’t feel that way, you may well want to question why that is. It could be time to try something completely new when it comes to your lingerie style. After all, you don’t want to allow your fashion sense to become tired and predictable, do you?

Needless to say, the longline bra style oozes glamor and sophistication in one neat little package. The hat-tip to long gone eras in the style of the cut is a type of finesse that can never once be questioned. From the very moment that you slip one of these on, you will know just what we mean. The utterly refined style is like nothing else in the world.

So, what on earth are you waiting for? Should your lingerie drawer lack this essential piece, it’s time to fix that very problem. Treat yourself to that oh-so-special longline bra sooner rather than later. It really is a lingerie piece you truly deserve.

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Happy bra shopping!

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Mod By Parfait Tattoo Padded Balconet Longline Bra A14315 | Mod By Parfait Tattoo Hipster A1435 in Clematis Blue/Champagne


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