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One of the best things we can do as lingerie lovers is to learn how to use fewer resources to fuel our collections! Water is a precious resource that is becoming harder to come by and the process of growing crops and turning them into textiles pollutes it. Dyes that are used to create beautiful colors can hurt plants, people, and animals.

The best way to help the environment and continue to grow your collection is to buy quality pieces and wear them as long as you can.

While you’re doing that, here are some other easy to ways to reduce your water consumption and to make sure your lingerie does as little damage to the planet as possible.

1.  Handwash your lingerie in batches to minimize water waste.

One easy way to consume less water is to hand wash your lingerie and to do it in batches rather than each bra individually. You can use the same tub of water for multiple bras – just make sure you’re only changing the water if it is dirty!

2.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about packaging and environmental practices.

The things we buy in life come with a lot of packaging. Think about the last small thing you purchased from Amazon or another big retailer. How much plastic or cardboard packaging came with it? Overpackaging is a persistent issue for retailers, but they don’t have much incentive to do anything about it without customer feedback. If you’d prefer less packaging or more eco-friendly packaging, make your wishes known! Also, make sure to buy from businesses that are thoughtfully packaging their goods in more environmentally friendly ways.

3.  Don’t throw away your old or unwanted bras – donate them!

As Americans, we throw away a lot of barely used clothing items. Those items have already generated pollution, put dyes into water systems and used labor to make them. If you’re not going to wear them yourself, the best thing you can do is give them away to someone who will. There are lots of great lingerie based charities now from Free the Girls to I Support the Girls. Whether you’re helping set up a female entrepreneur in another country or donating a bra to a female prison inmate who really needs it, your gently used bra can have a long life ahead of it and do good in the process.

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4.  Buy natural fabrics with minimal dyes and processing when possible.

This is both harder to find and more expensive, but it can be worth it for really special pieces. There are lots of fabrics out there that have a lesser environmental impact, from peace silk to fair trade cotton. Lingerie made from vintage fabrics is also great for the environment – and you can end up with a totally unique piece of lingerie that no one else has!

5.  Look for textiles made from recycled fabrics.

Companies are starting to develop lots of textiles made from recycled fabrics, so look for lingerie and swimwear lines that are using them! The future of sustainable fashion is in renewable textile development, so make sure to support companies that are taking that leap into the future.

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Happy bra shopping!

Will you be trying out any of these environmentally friendly tips? If so, make sure to share this article with a friend!

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