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5 shopping tips that will change the way you buy bras online - 5 Shopping Tips That Will Change The Way You Buy Bras Online

Bra shopping is a recipe for frustration for many women, and no wonder — between cup size, band size, material, and strap style, there’s a lot to consider when selecting the perfect bra. It’s no wonder, then, that an estimated 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. The obvious solution is to spend more time taking measurements and trying on bras, but some shoppers prefer ordering online instead.

If the thought of trying on bras in a department store makes you feel squeamish, you may be better suited to online shopping. Nervous about over-spending or ordering the wrong size? While online bra shopping will never replace the experience of visiting a specialty store and trying on bras, it becomes a lot easier when you follow these simple bra shopping tips:

1.  Pay Attention to Sizing Details

take note of your favorites for next time - 5 Shopping Tips That Will Change The Way You Buy Bras Online

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If you’re not sure about the size of a particular bra while visiting the store, you can simply try it on and return it to the rack if it doesn’t work. This convenience does not apply to online shopping, so figure out your measurements ahead of time. Your preferred online retailer should provide detailed information regarding sizes. Have a friend help you with a measuring tape to determine which size is best for you. Traditionally, bra size is determined based on the cup and the band. Your fit may be more accurate if you conduct an in-person evaluation, so schedule one if you’re comfortable and then return home to conduct the remainder of the shopping process online.

2.  Take Advantage of Expanded Sizing Options

take advantage of expanded sizing options - 5 Shopping Tips That Will Change The Way You Buy Bras Online

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If you have a unique cup or band size, shopping at a brick and mortar store may be a recipe for frustration. Thankfully, many online locations cater specifically to women who otherwise struggle to find the right size. Opt for online retailers that provide a broader variety of sizes and styles. You’ll enjoy access to a vast range of designs, materials, and colors, which are typically frustratingly limited for women with hard-to-find bra sizes.

3.  Aim For Free Shipping and Returns

aim for free shipping and returns - 5 Shopping Tips That Will Change The Way You Buy Bras Online

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There’s no guarantee that the first bra you try on will fit just right, even if you determine your cup and band measurements prior to ordering. Bra fitting is an art, not a science, so some trial and error may be needed before you find the perfect fit. If you enjoy access to a generous shipping policy, however, you can easily return unwanted items. This makes the entire experience a no-lose situation; you can take solace in knowing that you have a get out of jail free card if you choose incorrectly. If you’re not feeling confident in a particular size or material, a desirable shipping setup will allow you to order several and return all but the bra you like best.

4.  Use Sales Sections and Coupon Codes

use sales sections and coupon codes - 5 Shopping Tips That Will Change The Way You Buy Bras Online

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If you’re a budget-conscious shopper, you likely spend the majority of your time at the clearance rack. You can find just as promising of deals when shopping online, but this may require a bit of sleuthing. Lingerie coupons allow you to make the most of your limited clothing budget, without reducing your selection. Ready to amp up the savings? Join online savers clubs or email lists, which give you priority access to special deals.

5.  Take Note of Your Favorites For Next Time

pay attention to sizing details - 5 Shopping Tips That Will Change The Way You Buy Bras Online

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There’s something to be said for variety, but if bra shopping invariably frustrates you, it’s best to find a simple procedure that you can repeat again and again. Bookmark favorite bras that fit well, feel comfortable, and last forever. You can then re-order these bras at your leisure. Just remember: your size may shift in the meantime, particularly if you gain or lose weight.

Online shopping is not always as convenient as trying on bras at a specialty store, but it does hold a few clear advantages, such as privacy and ample time for decision-making. Enter the process with a clear understanding of your measurements and your wardrobe needs, and you’ll emerge with quality purchases that reflect your priorities and your budget.

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