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how to buy a nursing bra

Are you about to become a new mom? If you’re expecting a child, there’s sure to be a thousand things on your mind. There’s so much to plan! However, if you’re in the midst of getting ready for the new arrival, there’s one thing that you mustn’t overlook.

Getting the right nursing bras for you is absolutely essential. Here’s what you need to know:

1.  Make sure you get fitted first

First of all, when you’ve just had a baby, you may find that your bra size has changed somewhat. During pregnancy, your hormone changes will affect your body shape a great deal. That means that you may not know what size you are when it comes to buying a nursing bra. Before you hit the stores, you should ensure that you get a bra fitting first.

When it comes to booking your appointment, make sure that you let the fitter know that you’re looking for a nursing bra. That way, they will be able to give you the extra support and help you need. Be clear about what you need from the start for the best results.

2.  Opt for a few quality bras

Quality is absolutely key. When you’re choosing nursing bras, you need to ensure that you get a few on which you can rely. Having around three or four bras that you can rotate is the best way to go. That way, you have one to wear, one to wash, and a spare. Spend some time looking around for a variety of different styles of bra. Select bras that go with different outfits and looks.

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what size nursing bra

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3.  Look for a sturdy clasp

Never underestimate the power of the clasp you choose. Choose a nursing bra with high-quality nursing hooks that you can unfasten with one hand.

This may seem like quite a small factor but it could make all the difference when it comes to your personal levels of comfort and convenience! Those are two things you should never sacrifice.

4.  Get high-quality material

Needless to say, your breasts will be more sensitive than ever when you’re nursing. Many women find that the material of their bra irritates them when they are going through this particular period. The best way in which you can protect yourself from this problem is by investing in quality material. It could be a case of trial and error – working out which fabrics cause you pain and which do not.

5.  Think about your wardrobe

Lastly, when you’re choosing your nursing bra, you should consider how it works with your wardrobe. You may already have a nursing bra or two that are ready to be worn. If that’s the case, you should consider how your bras will work with each of those items. When you’re trying on the various bras, make sure that you are wearing something typical of your general wardrobe to see how it works. It’s a simple and effective tip.

Now that you understand the rules of buying your nursing bras, it’s time to get shopping. Following these rules and using them as guidelines could be the answer to getting things 100% right from the start. Why not begin browsing bras online now and see what you can find? The sooner you start looking for the ideal nursing lingerie, the better.

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how do i know what size nursing bra i need

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Happy bra shopping!

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