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strength training

Whether you’re trying to get back to your pre-baby bod, aiming for a specific silhouette in your wedding dress, wanting to feel comfortable in your bikini, or just looking to get fitter, working out is a key component to a healthy life. So you’ve been going on walks in nice weather, hitting the dreaded treadmill, and even (gasp) the stairclimber. But cardio is one half of a good workout regime.

Here are five reasons you should add weights to your workout plan!

1.  Strength training burns more calories.

Cardio may rev up your metabolism, but that spike stops the minute you step off the treadmill. So it’s a great start, but adding weights means that your body will continue to burn calories well after you leave the gym, so you get better results for your effort.

2.  You won’t bulk up, but you will tone up.

It’s a myth that women will get “bulky” if they strength train. In order to look like the Incredible Hulk, you’d have to be lifting a lot of weight and have a very restrictive diet specifically designed to bulk. So stop worrying about looking like Schwarzenegger, and start embracing the lithe figure you’ll get when you lift. Muscle definition looks gorgeous on every body type!

women strength training build confidence - 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Weights To Your Workout Plan

3.  You will strengthen your bones.

For women, bone density can become an issue later on in life, as our bones become more brittle and prone to breaking, resulting in health issues like osteoporosis. Exercise, especially lifting weights, strengthens our body, helping to prevent bone loss, and can even help with bone growth. Reversing the signs of aging in the body? Yes please!

4.  You’ll get stronger.

Personally, I feel this is one of the greatest benefits of training with weights. Feeling strong in your body, being able to not only see the progress while your body transforms inside and out but also as your pick up heavier and heavier weights or knock out more and more reps is addictive. Every time you conquer a workout you’ll feel incredible, which means…

5.  You’ll build confidence.

The weight area of the gym can feel intimidating. With muscular men and women strutting around, grunting and smacking chalked hands together, I can understand why you’d want to give it a hard pass. But once you learn the ropes, stick your headphones in, and get in the zone, you’ll blend right in.

There are tons of apps and videos that will give you tutorials on how to use machines and check your form, so get educated then get out there!

With a good diet, a healthy dose of cardio, and a weight routine, you can reach your fitness goals and gain the strength and confidence to rock any workout. So grab a friend and join a weight training class, or make your own routine and hit the gym!

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