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Packing for a trip is never easy; too much in your suitcase and you’ll struggle to get around, but too little and you may be forced to spend too much precious time washing lingerie and other essentials at the laundromat. There’s more to consider than how much you pack; your method of packing could determine whether your favorite lingerie survives your vacation or returns home misshapen. Organize lingerie like a pro — follow these five easy tips:

1.  Choose Lingerie and Undergarments Strategically

parfait bras lynn - 5 Quick and Easy Lingerie Packing and Traveling Tips

The first step to a successful packing experience involves selecting the most important items. Think carefully about how you intend to spend your time abroad, and what types of lingerie will allow you to make the most of that experience. Do high-intensity activities such as biking or kayaking play a central role in your itinerary? Or do you plan to spend more time at Broadway shows or professional lectures? Will you be traveling alone, with girlfriends, or with a significant other? These and other factors could all play a significant role in your final lingerie packing list.

Consider your intended wardrobe. If most of your outfits are white or sheer, your favorite black undergarments might not be a good fit. Strapped versus strapless tops and dresses must also be taken into account. When in doubt, pack a convertible bra.

2.  Take Advantage of Zippered Lids and Mesh Compartments

lingerie travel tips

Ideally, your suitcase will have multiple compartments where you can store your lingerie, as opposed to intermingling it with the rest of your clothing. Merely shoving your undergarments in the top compartment isn’t good enough, however. Careful folding will keep them protected and maximize what little space you have.

If you plan on traveling with a single carry-on bag, opt for one with a mesh storage area. This will allow you to keep your intimates separate from the rest of your clothing without giving up precious storage space. Roll up a few pairs of socks and store them in the cups of your molded bra; not only will this save space, it maintains your bra’s shape.

3.  Pack Laundry Essentials

lingerie care

Depending on how many bras you pack and how long you intent to spend abroad, you may eventually need to visit a laundromat or make use of an in-unit washing machine. When this inevitably occurs, you’ll want to place your favorite items in mesh bags. Bring multiples, as overcrowding is a recipe for destroyed lingerie. To save space, pack mesh bags with nylons, socks, or other easily-lost essentials.

If you don’t anticipate having access to laundry facilities, bring travel-sized soap or specialized lingerie wash. This is the perfect solution if you’re traveling with a single backpack and can’t spare the space for more than two bras. Wear one bra and wash the other in the sink. Hang it on the balcony, a drying rack, or a hanger while you’re out and about. You’ll return to fresh lingerie — a huge luxury when you’re on the go!

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4.  Invest in Lingerie Protection Products

space-saving tip lingerie

A variety of ingenious devices promote better lingerie care on the road. Some packing products make better use of cramped space than others, so you’ll have to think carefully about what’s more important: maximizing what little space you enjoy, or keeping your bra in pristine condition? If your goal is to keep your bras intact while enjoying a little extra space, opt for a bra cup, in which you place you bras on top of one another and then fold them into a compact shape. Not willing to fold your bras? Larger packing products allow them to lie flat. These are useful, but bulky, so only pack them if you’re willing to supplement your carry-on with one or two additional bags.

5.  Stack Bras and Stuff Cups

lingerie travel tips stack bras - 5 Quick and Easy Lingerie Packing and Traveling Tips

Can’t spare the space for protective products? Try this simple space-saving tip: save bras and other intimates for last, and stack them carefully on the top layer of your suitcase. Molded cups can quickly lose their shape when crammed into suitcases, so stuff socks or other small items in the cups to prevent them from caving inward. To save even more space, fold the stacked and stuff bras in half.

A little advance planning can keep you looking and smelling your best while you’re abroad, while also preventing undergarment damage. Pack carefully, and you’ll enjoy years of use from your favorite lingerie.

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