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5 tips for traveling carry on only 1 - 5 Genius Tips for Traveling Carry-on Only

Several American airlines are further limiting free luggage allowances and creating higher fees for checked luggage. Yet, we still want to look stylish and feel our best while saving money at the same time. Avoiding luggage fees by creating streamlined travel capsule wardrobes helps to save money, allowing fashionable globe trotters to travel more with less hassle and fewer fees.

1.  Create a travel capsule wardrobe

create a capsule wardrobe 1 - 5 Genius Tips for Traveling Carry-on Only

The concept of a travel capsule wardrobe is relatively simple; it features staple pieces for your style that you can mix and match to create different looks. By sticking to some basics and even laying out the clothes you’d like to wear on your trip prior to packing, you can see what clothes fit the destination as well as work together.

A great pair of jeans along with some tops to mix and match might just prove to be the perfect way to downsize your travel wardrobe. And when it comes to shoes, it is best to stick with just one extra pair since they easily eat up precious luggage space.

2.  Use minis

use minis - 5 Genius Tips for Traveling Carry-on Only

The liquid restrictions — 3-1-1 — mandated by airlines can be challenging to work with when you need to pack your skin care routine, hair products, and makeup. But, opting for minis or sample sizes of your favorites can really help to fit all of your favorites into that quart-sized plastic bag. If minis aren’t available of your favorite product, decanting your essentials into small bottles or tubs, which can be purchased at your local drugstore, is a great option.

If you still fear that you’ll hit the liquid limit, powdered products like toothpaste or dry shampoo really help and still have you feeling your best when you touch down in your destination. If you are a perfume lover, several companies also produce moist towelettes drenched in perfume that can be used for dabbing on the go — and saving on your liquid restrictions since they are easily packable.

3.  Wear your bulkiest items

wear your bulkiest items - 5 Genius Tips for Traveling Carry-on Only

Credit: Pexels

If boots will be one of your two shoe options, to save on luggage space, these should be worn on the plane. Though boots can be a bit annoying through security, they can take up so much precious luggage space that it makes it worth the few minutes of pulling them on and off.

On a similar note, if you plan to be wearing a heavy sweater, this can also be worn on the plane to avoid having to pack.

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4.  Pack accessories

pack accessories - 5 Genius Tips for Traveling Carry-on Only

Do you think a travel capsule wardrobe might be a bit too restrictive for your style? Save on space but still mix things up by packing several jewelry options in a cloth jewelry roll. Mixing up your jewelry or accessories, even if you are wearing the same outfit, can really help to change the style, especially when needing to elevate an outfit from day to night.

5.  Use packing cubes and envelopes

use packing cubes and envelopes - 5 Genius Tips for Traveling Carry-on Only

Credit: Stocksnap

The most important step for successfully packing everything you need in a carry-on only is to carefully consider the space you have. Using packing cubes for lingerie, socks, and cotton t-shirts is a great way to keep everything neat, organized, and easily accessible.

Essential to looking pulled together while traveling for work or play are fresh, unwrinkled clothes. Packing envelopes can help to keep blouses, dresses, skirts, and pants crease-free. Packing envelopes even keep more delicate items protected from other items, like shoes or zippers, in your suitcase.

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Feature image via Stocksnap
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