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5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas

My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years.  We have been married for more than half of that, lead busy lives and have a toddler that keeps us on our toes – and highly entertained of course!  Date nights are a great concept, but we have found that date days often work better for us!   The idea of ‘dating’ your significant other after you have been together for quite some time is beautiful, particularly for couples that have full schedules and don’t get a huge amount of time on their own.  It is so important to create quality time with your spouse and for the relationship you share.

I remember turning to google after our son was born, to find some ideas for things we could do together, on our own.  There were plenty of ideas out there, but many were night time activities, expensive or needed planning in advance.   It is so nice to be able to do things spontaneously when plans change, or simply because you can!  It’s also nice to have some ideas up your sleeve that vary in duration – sometimes you might have a whole day, other times just a few hours.  Make the most of it regardless.  My husband is a very traditional guy, that is easily pleased with simple but fun activities.  Suggestions such as dance classes, cooking workshops, retreats and pottery just aren’t his cup of tea, so together we have put together a great list of fuss-free day date ideas that you could try this weekend!

1.  Hit the water

Fishing, swimming, SUPing (stand up paddle boarding), surfing, snorkeling – the list is endless!  There are so many different water activities you can try if you have a beach, lake or similar nearby.  You might have a boat you can go out in the ocean in, or you might simply choose to go for a swim at the local pool.  The aim is to get wet and have fun!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Stokpic

2.  Fun fun fun

Arcade games, bowling, roller skating.  Laughs a plenty are almost guaranteed when you turn back time and find a local bowling centre or skating rink! And, of course, there is nothing like your partner winning you an oversized plush toy at an arcade!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Skitterphoto

3.  Ride it baby

Bike riding, quad/motorbike riding, horse riding.  If you don’t own a bike/quad/horse, chance are there is somewhere nearby you can hire one or participate in a guided ride.  Giddy up!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Source: Pexels

4.  Stay in

Board games, movie, good food, plan a holiday.  These dates require zero planning, money or travel.  Sometimes staying in, but without the usual children climbing on you, laptop open, million and one chores being done between cooking, is the best type of date you can go on.  Switch off your usual day and simply make it about you and him/her.  Cook your favourite meal or order it in.  Play a game or watch a movie, or even plan your next holiday together!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Breakingpic

5.  Back to nature

Trail walk, mountain climb, day trip.  One of our favourite things to do is go for a day trip somewhere close by.  Our trip nearly always involves a long walk at a beach or in the bush somewhere!  There really is something beautiful about discovering a new place, or seeing something new together!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Josh Willink

Don’t let time or finances stop you from creating those beautiful moments of connection with your partner.  Whether you have a weekend to yourselves or just an hour or two, there is always something you can do to suit you and your circumstances.  Put your phone on silent and be present in the moment, be grateful for wonderful company, and enjoy your date day!

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5 Fuss-Free Day Date Ideas
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5 Fuss-Free Day Date Ideas
It is so important to create quality time with your spouse and for the relationship you share.
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Krystal Gordon

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