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5 essential tips for flying comfortably while pregnant - 5 Essential Tips For Flying Comfortably While Pregnant

Whether it is for a business trip, conference, vacation, or to visit family, you might find that you need to fly while pregnant. Though some precautions should be taken, flying while pregnant can be just as comfortable and easy as travel prior to your pregnancy.

1.  Talk to your doctor.

talk to your doctor - 5 Essential Tips For Flying Comfortably While Pregnant

Before booking even your flight, talk to your prenatal care provider to determine if air travel is safe for your pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different, as is each trimester, so be sure to touch base with your doctor before each trip.

Once your prenatal care provider okays your trip, then you are free to book your tickets and plan away! But do keep in mind that if you are flying in your third trimester, some airlines require a note from your doctor that states you are fit and safe to fly. Be sure to check your airline in advance if this is required.

2.  Get up and walk.

get up and walk flying while pregnant - 5 Essential Tips For Flying Comfortably While Pregnant

The risk of getting a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) increases during your pregnancy, particularly while you are flying. To help prevent blood clots and keep your body comfortable, stretch and move your legs under your seat and get up to walk the isles a few times during the flight. This keeps the blood in your legs flowing appropriately, which is especially important after you’ve started gaining baby weight. Selecting an aisle seat can further facilitate moving your legs as well as getting up for frequent trips to the bathroom.

If you’d like further protection from blood clots, compression stockings have been shown to keep blood circulating appropriately and even treat pregnancy related varicose veins.

3.  Stay hydrated.

stay hydrated flying comfortably while pregnant - 5 Essential Tips For Flying Comfortably While Pregnant

Another way to help prevent blood clots as well as urinary tract infections and other problems is to stay hydrated while flying. After going through security, pick up a couple of bottles of water and be sure to drink them during the flight.

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4.  Pack light or ask for help.

pack light or ask for help - 5 Essential Tips For Flying Comfortably While Pregnant

No matter how fit and healthy your pregnancy is, effectively carrying around a bowling ball on your front can throw your back and balance out of whack. To prevent tweaking your back or straining yourself, pack light or ask a flight attendant or fellow passenger to help you lift your bag into and out of the overhead compartments. The same goes for lifting your bag onto and off of the x-ray belt while in the security line.

5.  Know your rights.

know your rights flying while pregnant - 5 Essential Tips For Flying Comfortably While Pregnant

While traveling in the airport, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe during this incredibly important and special time. Security scans are certainly something that women aren’t too keen on while pregnant. Some airports and airlines allow pregnant women to opt for a pat down rather than using x-ray scanning during security checks — all you need to do is tell the security staff that you are pregnant and would prefer a pat down. Additionally, some airports allow pregnant women, especially those who are visibly pregnant, to skip the line and enjoy priority boarding. Even before you are showing, you can explain the situation to security and potentially enjoy these benefits. Check the airline and airport policy and don’t be afraid to say something if you are feeling uncomfortable!

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