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wireless sports bra low impact

Do you have a wireless sports bra in your lingerie wardrobe? Wireless sports bras are an excellent alternative to sports bras with underwire. Sure sports bras with underwire have their benefits (the encapsulated cups separate breast tissue and help to reduce bounce), but wireless sports bras can be supportive too.

With a wireless sports bra, you don’t need to worry about the underwire poking you or rubbing against your skin during your workout. Plus, there are numerous options for full busts, including our very own Parfait Active Wireless Sports Bra with seamed cups and a wide elastic band constructed in moisture-wicking Coolpass.

Wondering if a wireless sports bra is right for you? Read on for everything you need to know. 

Wireless sports bras are supportive

Sports bra technology has come a long way in the past few years. Thanks to innovative fabrics and better production methods, wireless sports bras are a supportive option for anyone who doesn’t want to wear underwire while working out. Today, there are wireless sports bras for every workout – from low impact to medium impact to high impact. Plus, there are many sports bras that are sized like your favorite bra – with adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure as well to adjust the fit (ideal for full busts).

Wireless sports bras are great for asymmetrical breasts

The fit of wireless sports bras is more forgiving than the fit of encapsulated sports bras. Ideally, with any bra, you want your bust to be completely contained within the underwire. It’s not comfortable for a bra’s underwire to rest on top of breast tissue. Shopping for a supportive wireless bra can be challenging for people with asymmetrical breasts, but a wireless sports bra can help you get a great fit. Choose the size to fit your larger breast and you won’t need to worry about your smaller breast filling the cups completely.

best sports bra wireless full cup

Parfait Active Wireless Sports Bra in Black

Wireless sports bras are versatile

Wireless sports bras are having a major moment in fashion. With the athleisure trend still going strong, the Parfait Active Wireless Bra can be worn on its own with high waisted leggings or styled with a pair of jeans and a favorite jacket. Aside from being a supportive sports bra, this chic style looks equally perfect at the gym as it does on a day out running errands or shopping. If you like to maximize every piece in your wardrobe, a wireless sports bra might be a great investment piece for you.

Fit is incredibly important with any sports bra

Like any bra, the fit is the most important part. For the most supportive sports bra, look for a wide bra band in a firm fabric. Since most of a bra’s support comes from the band, you’ll want a snug, secure fit to keep the bra in place. To check the fit of the band, put on the bra and raise your heads in the air like you’re stretching. Does the band move up when you raise your arms or does it stay in place? If the band moves, size down in the band and up in the cup (your bra sister size with the smaller band size). If the bra doesn’t move, the band is a good fit as long as you don’t feel discomfort or pain from the snug band while working out (if so, size up or try a different bra style for a more comfortable fit).

best sports bra wireless

Parfait Active Wireless Sports Bra in Black

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We Highly Recommend

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Happy bra shopping!

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Parfait Active Wireless Sports Bra in Black
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