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For years, I wished I had bigger boobs. I was bummed about my small boobs. I thought having a bigger bust would make me feel more confident – in a swimsuit or in a nice blouse. And, I just wanted to have cleavage. However, I’m now at a place where I love and embrace my smaller bust. The grass always seems greener on the other side. But its all about perspective. If you’re down about having smaller boobs, don’t be!

Here are four reasons to embrace your small boobs:

1.  Realize all the positives of having small boobs.

When you wish for bigger boobs, you likely only think of the positive side of big boobs. You have natural cleavage, and you get a confidence boost from achieving a certain body image. But, have you considered all the positives of having small boobs?

A small bust makes it easy to sleep any way you want. Sleeping on your belly won’t typically cause you discomfort. (Unless that “time of the month” is making your boobs sore.) I have to assume it’s also easier exercising with small boobs. They stay still, for the most part, in your sports bra without getting in the way or causing you pain. Buying clothes may also be easier for us small-busted women. We don’t have the issue of popping out of our shirts or having gorgeous tops fit us poorly on the bust.

2.  Understand your boobs are beautiful as they are.

Your boobs are beautiful as is. Daydreaming of having a bigger bust distracts you from that. When I stopped wishing for bigger boobs, I realized how great my boobs already were. You may have small boobs, but they’re probably perky. And, take a look at your nipples and their proportion to your breasts. Beautiful boobs aren’t just bigger boobs. There’s so much more that makes boobs beautiful. And yours don’t need to be bigger to be better.

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3.  Remember it’s easy for you to go braless.

Having a small bust makes it oh-so-easy to go braless. Of course, women with bigger boobs can go braless, too. But, I have to think having small boobs makes not wearing a bra more carefree. There are so many times I just throw on a sweatshirt and take my dog for a walk – no bra. And lately, I just don’t want to a wear a bra at all. With an extra layer or a jacket – or not – I’m effortlessly out the door.

 4.  You can always wear an enhancing bra to increase your bustline.

You can always opt for bras that make your boobs look bigger. From a push-up bra to a demi cup bra, there are options to increase your bustline. And, you can achieve any look you want with an enhancing bra – whether it be cleavage or a rounder, fuller bust. You can simply remove the bra once you no longer want the bigger boobs. Now, that’s having your cake and eating it, too!

You have to stop seeing your small boobs as a curse to see them as a blessing. There are many perks to having small boobs (pun not intended), just as there are with big boobs. Realizing your boobs are awesome as they are is a great way to boost your self-love. Having bigger boobs may give you a confidence boost. But loving and no longer critiquing your body gives you a major confidence boost as well.

Your boobs will undoubtedly change. So for now, embrace your small bust like it’s going out of style. Because I assure you, small boobs will always be beautiful and in style.

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Happy bra shopping!

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