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embrace body - 4 Perks Of Having Big Boobs

I’ve been around women with big busts long enough to know they don’t always love the volume. I’ve heard my mom and girlfriends say they wish they had smaller boobs. But as a small-busted gal, I can tell you that having smaller boobs isn’t always ideal either.

Here are four reasons to embrace having big boobs:

1.  Realize all the perks of having big boobs.

You’re probably thinking about the positive aspects of having small boobs when you’re wishing you had them. Smaller breasts may mean less discomfort or pain. They bounce less when you’re working out, and it’s easier to sleep on your stomach. Women with smaller busts probably don’t have to deal with popping out of their blouses. These are all true statements. But have you considered all the perks of having big boobs?

Your boobs help you naturally fill out your swimsuit. You can easily have cleavage when you want it. Your boobs accentuate your silhouette and figure. The perks of having big boobs are plentiful. Don’t let the perceived idea of small boobs outweigh the perks of your bigger ones.

2.  You don’t have to use bras to increase your bustline.

Women with bigger busts don’t need to wear bras to increase their bustline. This is something that women with smaller busts envy. (Me included!) You don’t need a push-up bra to have cleavage. Instead, you can wear a bra that’s a little less manipulative while still having beautiful cleavage. And that bigger bustline doesn’t disappear when you remove your bra.

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benefits of big boobs

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3.  Remember your boobs are perfect as they are.

It’s easier to see that your boobs are perfect as they are when you stop wishing they were different. Everything about your boobs makes them pretty and unique – their size, their shape, your nipples. The perfect bust doesn’t exist. And beautiful boobs aren’t necessarily small boobs, nor big boobs. Embrace what you have, and don’t feel like you’re missing out.

4.  The grass is not always greener on the other side.

I think women will always assume having bigger or smaller breasts is better. But, the grass is never greener on the other side. Wherever there are two sides (pun not intended), there are always positives and negatives. Know that having smaller boobs doesn’t come with infinite advantages. And that it does come with downsides.

Realizing your boobs are awesome as they are is a great way to boost your self-confidence. And not critiquing your boobs or body will boost your self-love as well. Love your big boobs, and don’t wish them away. Your boobs will undoubtedly change, so embrace how they are in the moment.

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embrace your body

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Happy bra shopping!

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