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By now, you’re not only well aware that bralettes are all the rage, but you’ve probably accepted this fact — and perhaps shopped for them yourself. And this trend is no surprise, given that bralettes are super comfy and yet also incredibly chic looking.

Whether or not you own any bralettes, you’ve likely considered adding them to your lingerie collection at some point. Or, perhaps you’ve been tempted to buy one, but hesitated because you didn’t think they would work well for you.

Just as there are with bras, there’s certainly some false information circulating about bralettes, and we’re here to clear it up.

Without further ado, here are some of the top myths surrounding this increasingly popular style:

Myth #1: Only small-busted ladies can wear them.

Let’s clear this up right now: Bralettes aren’t designed only for small boobs. In fact, more and more full-busted ladies are embracing bralettes. If you’re above a C cup, you may want to seek out bralettes from brands who specialize in full bust / full figure designs.

You also may want to look for bralettes that have some special features in place to provide additional support, lift, and shaping. But the bottom line is this: You can definitely take advantage of this lightweight style, no matter your bra size.

And if you’re a little shy about wearing a bralette for the first time, you can always break it in just relaxing at home. Some women find bralettes to be a comfortable compromise between going bra-less and wearing a bra while sleeping as well.

Myth #2: They’re solely meant for lounging around.

Sure, bralettes work super well for hanging around the house or running casual errands. But that’s not to say bralettes can’t be fashion-forward. In fact, many bralettes are practically made to be seen.

For example, you may find you want to find ways to show off bralettes in allover lace, or with feminine accents on the straps, or elaborate detailing in the back. These styles look spectacular peeking out from underneath racerback sundresses, low armhole tanks, and open back blouses. Ultimately, you can find a bralette for almost any occasion.

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what is a bralette

Adriana Lace Bralette P5482 | Adriana Lace Bikini P5483 in Sky Blue

Myth #3: They don’t offer any support.

As previously explained, many people mistakenly assume that bralettes are not meant for large-busted women. This myth primarily exists because it’s commonly believed that bralettes do not offer support. Indeed, many bralettes are wireless — but not all of them are.

If you love the look of a bralette but want a little more structure, you can certainly find one with underwire. Additionally, there are bralettes with adjustable straps, adjustable hook-and-eye closures on the band, and molded cups. So you’re sure to find a bralette that’s tailored to your needs in terms of the level of support.

Myth #4: They’re just a passing trend.

Some say that bralettes are just a fad — but at this point, it’s pretty clear that they’re here to stay. Need proof? According to 2017 research published by Edited, sellouts of bralettes have rocketed by 120 percent across numerous lingerie brands.

As more and more brands begin to produce their own take on this ever-popular style, there are more options than ever before. And with more options to choose from, more and more women are adding bralettes to their collections.

From A-list actresses and supermodels to style bloggers, bralettes seem to be popping up on plenty of influencers as of late. In other words: The bralette is not a passing trend, but one that is becoming increasingly versatile and inclusive.

What’s not to love about a bralette? It’s got a barely-there feel, a super cute look, and can work with a wide variety of ensembles as well as body types.

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the most common myths around bralettes, there’s only one thing left to do: go shopping for some styles that will make you feel super confident as well as comfortable.

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what is a bralette bra

Adriana Lace Bralette P5482 | Adriana Lace Bikini P5483 in Pearl White

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Happy bra shopping!

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