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social media safety tips

We’re all guilty of a little oversharing on social media – whether it’s what we had for dinner or the jerk who cut us off on the way home from work. But, there are some things that should never be shared on social media, both for our personal safety, and because our bosses sometimes check up on us in the social world.

1.  Your personal information.

social media safety Image via Pexels

This should go without saying, but including your full birth date, social security number, or even your phone number and address on social media is a huge no-no. This is information that stalkers, ex-besties, and even identity thieves can use to impersonate you. . .and cause you limitless amounts of stress and harm. If any of this info is available for people to see on your social accounts, take it down. Now.

2.  Your current location – either on vacation or at home.

safety tips for social media Image via Pexels

Similar to sharing your vital information, don’t share your current location, especially when you are alone. Check-ins from your favorite bar or store are fun to share, but these check-ins can be used by nefarious types to track you down, to figure out your schedule, and to harm you. Along the same vein, don’t geo-tag pictures, or include children’s names or locations in pictures

3.  Your work woes.

social media tips Image via Pexels

Have a terrible boss or a really annoying co-worker? We all do, but taking your frustrations with them out in social media will likely only make things worse. These things can be used against you not only at your job, but competitors could potentially use this information against the company as a whole.

These rules don’t mean you should never share any information or pictures with your social network, but thing about who could see what before posting. Save vacation pictures for when you’re home, and keep your personal information private. Following these steps can help keep you safe in an unsafe world.

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