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3 simple steps to stop procrastination in its tracks - 3 Simple Steps To Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks

If you’ve ever wondered why you procrastinate – and let’s face, we’ve all wondered – the simple answer may be that you’ve inherited a procrastinator gene. Scientists have identified a mutation of the SLC35D3 gene that hampers Striatal D1 Neurons. In simpler terms: there is a gene mutation that can slow our metabolism, and might also make it simpler for us to ignore that project that needs to be completed or laundry that needs to be washed.

But, although some of our procrastinator habits may be genetic, that doesn’t mean we are tied to being procrastinators for the rest of our lives. In fact, while some of us may suffer from this genetic mutation, experts say getting past it is as simple as making a point not to procrastinate tasks – from the laundry on the floor to that big project at work. Here are three simple steps to take back your productivity:

1.  Create a deadline with very specific timelines involved.

create a deadline with very specific timelines involved 1 - 3 Simple Steps To Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks

Have a big project at work that needs to finished by the end of the month? Looking at the full project all the time can be overwhelming, so shrink that full project into smaller, more reachable goals. Put each of these smaller goals on a timeline, and attack each goal one at a time. When one is finished, start the next, and so on. This will break that unmanageable goal into smaller goals, and those goals create a call-to-action that is simpler to approach.

2.  Look at all the little time-sucks you have, whether it’s Facebook and Instagram or the latest headlines at Perez Hilton.

look at all the little time sucks you have - 3 Simple Steps To Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks

Disable all the automatic notifications – on your computer, your tablet, and your phone – and leave them disables. Trust me, no one is going to notice if you don’t ‘like’ their latest breakfast creation until after lunch. Also, being very cognizant of the amount of time you spend on social media, with email, and other time-sucks. Try to limit that to fifteen minutes per visit, and limit those visits to after you’ve completed a certain number of tasks.

3.  Tell your friends about your goal, and ask them to help you be accountable.

tell your friends about your goal and ask them to help you be accountable - 3 Simple Steps To Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks

Whether it’s a project for work, a weight loss goal, or something else, if you have cheerleaders in your corner, the chances of sticking with it are vastly improved. And, if you have a setback, those cheerleaders can help you start back up, and stave off the guilt that can creep up when you make a mis-step.

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