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Walking into a gym may be half the exercise battle, but it isn’t the only battle ground. From getting caught up at work, to having dinner plans with your bestie, a million things might keep you from your daily workout. Unfortunately, one skip can turn into two, and then it’s been a week since you checked in at your gym. Here are three things you can do before every workout that will make the time spent at the gym less of a hassle and more fun.

1.  Visualize While Stretching

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The latest leggings, a cute crop top, and the right shoes won’t give you a great workout. Although, the right shoes are a must! To get the best workout, both body and mind need to be ready, so sink into a few leg and arm stretches, and while doing that, visualize the workout to come. Picture yourself in the middle and end of a spin class, yoga session, or run. Attitude is what takes your workout from a daily grind to an energy boosting, take on the world experience, so visualize the workout session, and stay focused on the endorphin high you experience once the hard work is done.

2.  Eat For Performance

eat for performance yogurt parfait - 3 Important Things To Do Pre-Workout

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This should go without saying, but eating before a workout is a must, just don’t eat too close to the start of a class or session. Our bodies need fuel to get through any type of workout routine, and if not fed properly, the body will come up with all kinds of reasons to quit. Ninety minutes before a workout, pick up a protein bar, make some oatmeal, or have a smoothie. This will fuel the body with great, whole ingredients it can then use to sail through any run, swim, bike, or class you want to take.

3.  Don’t Forget Hydration

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Having water while working out is important, but it’s even more important to be properly hydrated before beginning to work out. Proper hydration means fewer chances of muscle cramps (and sometimes strains), and even dizziness. A good rule of thumb to ensure proper hydration is to drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water every day, but take that one step further on workout days. About an hour before a workout, drink another glass of water. During a workout, the body sweats to regulate temperature, and being properly hydrated will help to keep that regulation in tact. Hydration will also ensure the joints are properly lubricated, and will transport the nutrients the body needs during workouts, keeping the performance level high.

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