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25 brilliant money saving tips for your wedding - 25 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Every bride deserves a fairy tale wedding. Yet, your wedding shouldn’t break the bank. If you’re feeling the stress to plan an affordable wedding, know that you can have the wedding of your dreams without going into debt. Follow our 25 money-saving tips to plan your perfect, budget-friendly wedding.

1.  Set a budget.

how to save money on a wedding Image via Pexels

Sit down with your fiancé and decide your budget together. Discuss what aspects of your wedding you’re willing to spend the most on, and where you feel you can save. You may want to spend big on a specific venue, but then choose cheap wedding invitations.

2.  Consider the day of the week.

how to save money on wedding Image via Stocksnap

Saturdays are the most expensive day of the week to get married. Ask your vendors if they offer reduced rates for non-peak days.

3.  Plan an affordable destination wedding.

cheap destination weddings Image via Stocksnap

If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, work with a travel agent/wedding planner. Such insiders are familiar with the venues and vendors that offer the best deals, and may be able to help you negotiate better rates.

4.  Move outdoors.

saving for a wedding Image via Stocksnap

Rather than renting a pricey venue, get married outside at a park, beach, or your own backyard. Outdoor weddings can be breezy, beautiful, and free.

5.  Avoid peak wedding season.

ways to save money on wedding Image via Stocksnap

Wedding season is typically April through October. You’ll likely find venues offer more affordable rates outside of peak season.

6.  Save money on wedding flowers.

how to save money on wedding flowers Image via Stocksnap

Choose flowers that are in season and that can be found locally. Talk to your florist to find out what varieties are most affordable that will fit your color scheme.

7.  Skip the sit-down dinner.

ways to save money on wedding Image via Pixabay

Full course meals can be significant budget items, especially if you’re planning for lots of guests. Consider offering hors d’oeuvres or buffet stations instead.

8.  Save on photography prints.

how to save money on wedding photography Image via Stocksnap

Choose a photography package that provides a small number of prints, and share digital copies with family and friends.

9.  Consider saving with cheap wedding invitations.

cheap weddings invitations online

Consider creating your own invitations. They will mean that much more to you because you designed them yourself.

10.  Address your own envelopes.

wedding invitation envelopes

A stationer will likely charge you for printing, or hand-addressing, your invitation envelopes. DIY with your bridesmaids instead.

11.  Save on ceremony programs.

wedding ceremony program ideas Image via Stocksnap

Instead of printing one ceremony program per guest, print one per couple.

12.  Swap flowers for candles.

candle centerpieces for wedding Image via Pixabay

Save money on wedding flowers by replacing them at your reception with candles.

13.  Offer a limited bar or a signature cocktail.

wedding signature cocktail Image via Pixabay

Limiting the variety and quantity of alcohol options can significantly help you save costs on your reception.

14.  Consolidate your ceremony and reception.

wedding reception ideas Image via Stocksnap

There are cost efficiencies to be had if you hold your ceremony in the same location as your reception.

15.  Rent or borrow jewelry.

something borrowed for wedding Image via Stocksnap

Borrow a signature piece of jewelry from a family member or friend, or consider a service that allows you to rent jewels for a day. You’ll look divine for a fraction of the cost.

16.  Rent or borrow your dress.

borrow wedding dress Image via Stocksnap

The gown can be a significant line item, but you’re only going to wear it once. Consider a gown rental service, or borrow from a friend instead.

17.  Consider your guest list.

my wedding reception ideas Image via Stocksnap

Invite only those people who have impacted your lives, especially if you’re planning an affordable destination wedding.

18.  Promote your vendors for reduced rates.

wedding vendors Image via Pixabay

Offer to display your vendors’ business cards, or promote them on social media, for reduced rates.

19.  Skip the bridal party gifts.

wedding thank you cards

Give handwritten and sincere thank you notes instead.

20.  Email your save-the-date cards.

wedding save the date

Announce your wedding with an email instead.

21.  Choose a small cake.

3 tier wedding cake Image via Stocksnap

A five-tiered layer cake may be beautiful, but it will cost you. A smaller cake can be just as beautiful and it can save you money.

22.  Choose larger tables for your reception.

wedding reception decoration ideas Image via Stocksnap

Fewer tables means money saved on tablecloths and centerpieces.

23.  Choose single page invitations.

save money on wedding invitations

Another option for cheap wedding invitations is to select a single card instead of separate reply cards, direction cards, and reception cards.

24.  Skip the champagne toast.

groom beach wedding Image via Stocksnap

Your guests can toast you just as sincerely with whatever they choose to sip.

25.  Make your own menu cards.

wedding table settings Image via Stocksnap

This is an easy piece to DIY and save the cost of a stationer.

Remember, the most important part of your wedding is the part where you say “I do” to the love of your life. Your friends and family will be thrilled to celebrate your special day with you, no matter how much you spend.

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