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how to make money at home

Are you looking for easy, quick, or fun ways to make money from home?

Side hustles are a great way to earn cash in your spare time, and can even grow into full-time jobs if you hustle hard enough. Some require special software, or a certain level of skill. Others just require your time, and a working internet connection. Whether you want to earn some spare cash or start a new career, these 23 ideas can inspire you to start working from home today!

1.  Become a virtual assistant

Juggle schedules, input data, manage social, make meetings – the list of asks is endless, and so are the opportunities.

2.  Work as a transcriber

Transcription isn’t just for court documents anymore. Clients may want phone calls, videos, meetings, and other recordings transformed into text documents.

3.  Create your own shop on Etsy

Whether you’re crafty, have an eye for vintage deals and steals, or like to work with your hands, Etsy is the best online retail site that lets you work directly with the customer as you sell your wares.

4.  Start a blog

Everyone has a story to tell, you just have to figure out what yours is. A blog is a great way to not only start writing for a living, but also host ads that pay-per-click, meaning any visitors that click on the ads help you earn money!

5.  Become a consultant

Are you an expert in your field? People are willing to pay for your knowledge, and the best part is you don’t have to leave your house to share your insights with them.

 6.  Offer your skills on sites like Fiverr and Taskrabbit

Fiverr and Taskrabbit are money making tools that have become popular because they’re so easy to use. Everything from resume writing and logo creation to helping with moving and running errands are up for grabs!

7.  Create greeting cards

Greeting card companies are always looking for help with soppy sympathy lines and humorous gags for their products, and you can get paid if they choose your ideas.

8.  Start dog walking or pet sitting

Pet sitting might be one of the most fun ways to make money from home. Have the pets come and stay with you, for an afternoon or even a week long stay!

9.  Take surveys online

While this can be time consuming, as not all sites offer large payouts, this is an easy way to make money from home, just by answering survey questions.

 10.  Babysitting

If you have a large enough network of friends with kids, or can get a good list of recommendations, you could start a pretty lucrative babysitting gig. Better yet, make your home kid-friendly and have them dropped off at your place!

11.  Start translating

If you’ve got a knack for languages, there are a lot of gigs available to you, from captioning videos to translating entire websites.

12.  Manage a business’s social media channels

Small businesses in particular can struggle to find time to manage the day-to-day business tasks as well as their social media channels. If you enjoy playing on the different social channels, this could be a good gig for you.

13.  Start proofreading

Do you twitch whenever you see grammatical errors or misspelled words? Proofreading in your spare time is a great way to not only earn money, but also read all sorts of interesting papers, documents, and essays!

14.  Test websites

Did you know that you can get paid to test websites? Brands want to make sure their sites are user friendly, and that their links and images work.

15.  Join a focus group

Test the product, give your opinion or write a review, and receive your cash reward. Easy!

16.  Tutoring

Tutoring doesn’t have to be time-consuming (or cost you a penny). Not only can you have kids come to your house to be tutored, there are sites that let you tutor online, so all you need is a working computer (and often a microphone and webcam too).

17.  Become an independent recruiter

Platforms like Indeed Crowd want you to find candidates to fill open positions listed on their site. If you find a match, you get a gift card, if your match is hired, you get paid!

18.  Sell your t-shirt designs

By using sites like Merch or Hanes Ink, you can sell your designs without having to go through the hassle of actually printing the t-shirts.

19.  Teach an online course

Love teaching? Sites like Udemy allow you to create and post courses for students to access online. The more popular the course, the more you can charge!

20.  Rent your space

Airbnb is a perfect way to earn money on the side, and you don’t actually have to leave your house a – rent a room or two and you can still make money while living their.

21.  Get paid to shop

Sites like Ebates and Ibotta offer cash back on purchases. It might not seem like much at first, but those little amounts can really add up!

22.  Sell (or resell) your stuff

You can sell your clothes, furniture, books, and more on sites like Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

23.  Work from home in customer service

Using live chat or your phone, you can troubleshoot for customers from the comfort of your home.

{Editor’s Note: This blog post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands or businesses mentioned in this post.}
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