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gifts for new moms

There is no doubt that having a baby is such an exciting and special time. The first few weeks after birth are a whirlwind of emotions: euphoria, exhaustion, glee, worry. While all attention is directed towards the sweet bundle of joy, set your attention to the new mother because her life has just been forever changed. If you would like to give your friend a helping hand and word of encouragement but don’t know how, look to this list for thoughtful options and ideas suited to the new mama’s needs.

1.  Comfortable lounge wear

Let’s face it, as a new mom you spend quite a bit of time in pajamas and lounge wear. How about buying a beautiful set for the new mama in your life? She’ll certainly feel a lot more like herself when she is wearing something a bit more her style.

2.  Tablet or e-reader for late nights

Ever heard of the 4th trimester? Being up with a little one at all hours of the night and morning, while still healing, is incredibly hard. Having a tablet or e-reader to catch up on a trashy magazine or fun YouTube videos is a great way for a new mom to keep her spirits up, even when she is beyond tired.

3.  Nursing necessities

If the new mom in your life is planning to breastfeed, buy her some necessities that will help to ease the challenges that many moms face when starting. Think a nursing pillow, such as a Boppy, breastfeeding grade lanolin, and muslin cloths to clean any messes.

4.  Food delivery gift card

As a new mom or a mom of multiple children, you barely have time to shower let alone head to the grocery store for the ingredients needed to cook a healthy meal. Consider buying your friend a gift card to Seamless or another food delivery service (or just give her cash specifically for this), so she can order whatever she is craving.

5.  Babysitting

Know a new mom who could use a nap or some time to pamper herself by simply taking a long shower or bath? Offer to come over and watch her baby. This is a great option if you don’t have extra money to spend, but still want to help your friend out.

6.  Nice coffee

A new mom is sure to have many days where the nights and days simply all blend together and she can hardly function through a haze of exhaustion. Give her the gift of a caffeine boost with delicious bag of great coffee ground to her preference.

7.  Easy to prepare meals

New moms need fuel (other than coffee) to get them through the day, but rarely have time to cook anything for themselves. If you are a wiz in the kitchen, you could prepare a heat and eat meal to help them get through the busiest days.

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8.  Pampering gifts

Spending some time on pampering can help a tired new mom feel more like herself again. Facemasks, body lotion, nail polish, and other goodies can encourage a new mom to spend time on herself. Pair this with an hour or two of babysitting and you’ve got yourself a killer gift for a new mom!

9.  A non-judgmental ear

Being a mother is difficult and at one point or another, most mothers feel unprepared or insecure. If your friend needs to talk, be that non-judgmental ear and voice of encouragement to help her know how amazing she is.

10.  Magazines

Is a tablet or e-reader way over your budget? Magazines are another option for moms who are up all night, especially since the energy needed to read a book is often lacking.

11.  Grocery delivery gift card

Getting out of the house to buy groceries sometimes feels as though it is an insurmountable task as a new mom. Help your friend out by purchasing her a gift card for grocery delivery that can be used online.

12.  Massage

Though babies are light, holding them for hours on end can leave a mother with sore arms and shoulders. A gift card for a gentle massage could be exactly what she needs.

13.  Hospital necessities

Hospital necessities is an especially great gift for a first-time mother before she gives birth. If it is your first time around, it is difficult to know what you need to bring to the hospital, and often, most new mothers are so focused on preparing for baby that they often forget themselves. Help a first-time mom out by giving her the unglamorous necessities like maternity pads, soft mesh underwear, flip flops, lanolin, and pajamas.

14.  Snacks

Healthy snacks that can be eaten with one hand are a life-saver for new moms. Keep your friend fed with nutritious snacks such as granola bars, nuts, or trail mix. And go ahead, add some candy for those tough days.

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