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How often do you check out the condition of your bras? Most of us never think to inspect our lingerie. Let’s face it, we have better things to do! Still, making sure that it’s still in the best possible condition is the key to feeling comfortable, confident, and supported. If your bra band is stretched out, you will feel none of the above.

Here are ten signs to look out for: 

1.  Your bra feels looser than before

One of the first signs that you should be aware of is simple – your bra feels looser.  Now, the truth of the matter is that all bras will start to feel looser over time. That’s natural. However, should you feel that it is much bigger for you than it once was, that’s a bad sign. You need to do something about it. The chances are that your bra band has stretched much further than you might expect.

2.  You can more than two fingers beneath it

Here’s a quick and easy test you can try for yourself. While wearing your bra, take two fingers and see if you can fit them between the band material and your skin. If you can, try it again with three fingers. You should not be able to do this comfortably if your bra fits you correctly. When you notice that there is a gulf between the fabric and your back, it’s time to get a new bra as soon as you can!

3.  The color has faded a little

When you first get a brand new bra, you will notice that it is bright and colorful. However, the more you wash and wear the bra, the more than tone will fade. One of the first places that you will notice this is on the band. Take a close look at it. If you see that the color looks different, it’s a sign that the material is pulling, stretching, and old. Yikes.

4.  It looks dirty (even after you wash it)

Equally, you may also find that the bra looks dirty even when you’ve washed it. This is particularly true when it comes to white bras. These pieces of lingerie tend to start to go gray when you’ve had them for a long period. When you see that the color is changing, you will likely notice a couple of differences when it comes to the condition of the material as well. It’s at this point that the band may have stretched.

5.  The stitching has come out!

Have you taken a close look at the stitching recently? When your band starts to stretch, it will ultimately force the stitching out of the material. This happens through sheer pressure and nothing less. A few stray threads might not be a huge deal. Then again, should you notice that a whole lot of the threads have started to fray, it means that there’s been a lot of wear and tear going on.

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6.  It no longer feels elastic

Many bras actually feel quite elastic. That’s because they use an elastic material to make the band flexible and give you some extra support. If your bra was once extremely stretchy and comfortable, you should keep checking it over time. Should you find that it is suddenly brittle or stiff, that means that the elastic has worn out altogether.

7.  Your bra moves when you walk

When you’re walking down the street, notice how your bra feels on your skin. Are you comfortable? Is it staying in the same position? When you’re wearing the right bra size and it’s not too old, you should find that your lingerie stays firmly in place. If that’s not the case, you are not getting everything that you need from your bra. Not by a long shot. Do something about it and simply throw it out (or recycle it!).

8.  And sometimes when you don’t

Worse still, if your bra moves around when you’re sitting down, that is a major issue. You need your bra to support you and stay in one place. When the band has begun to stretch beyond repair, though, you will find that it naturally moves from side to side. The chances are that this is pretty uncomfortable, to say the least.

9.  You no longer feel supported

Quick question: Do you feel that your breasts are supported? It may be something that you haven’t given much thought to recently. However, all women deserve to feel that they are supported and comfortable. That’s why we advise investing in high-end, high-quality pieces of lingerie. When that level of support disappears for good, the bra is of no use to you any longer.

10.  You have noticed a tear

Finally, one of the biggest telltale signs that your bra band is stretched out is that there’s a tear. When you see small rips and tears in the material of your lingerie, it could be time to wave goodbye to it forever. Sure, you might want to hold onto the piece, especially if it happens to be one of your favorites. But doing so is a mistake. All good things must come to an end, after all. Bye, bra!

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Happy bra shopping!

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