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There are a lot of questions out there about bras. Do you have to hand-wash bras? Is the dryer bad for bras? Bras are delicate, little garments, so it’s no surprise that there are common questions around them.

If you’ve got bra questions, you’re in the right place! We’re answering the top questions women have about bras.

1.  How often should you wash bras?

Generally, you should wash your bras every three or so wears. However, this will vary from woman to woman. If you sweat a lot or wore the bra for an extended period of time, you may need to wash the bra sooner. Sweat and body oils can be harmful to a bra’s fabric, so it’s essential to not go too long between washes.

2.  Do you really have to hand-wash bras?

Yes, it’s best to hand-wash bras in the sink to protect the delicate materials. If you must wash bras in the washing machine, use a lingerie mesh bag. This little bag protects the lingerie from other garments in the wash. It also keeps the lingerie safe during the machine’s cycle.

3.  Are dryers bad for bras?

Yes, drying your bra in a dryer is damaging for your bra. Your bra’s elastic heats up and expands in the dryer, then shrinks back afterwards. Overtime, this damages the elastic and the bra loses its original fit. There’s no way around this one – you’ll want to let your bras airdry every time.

4.  How do you know if a bra fits?

A bra that truly fits will make you feel comfortable and confident. The straps won’t dig into or slip off your shoulders, and the band won’t ride up on your back. A good-fitting bra will hug your body, but not create boob or skin bulges. There won’t be gaps between your boobs and the cups either.

5.  What’s a bra fitting?

A bra fitting is when a lingerie professional fits you for a bra. She’ll take a few measurements of your bust to determine your best bra size. Bra fittings are typically free, performed in the fitting room and done with or without an appointment.

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6.  Is a bra fitting a necessity?

Yes, getting a bra fitting before bra shopping is the best way to find a bra that fits well. Without getting a bra fitting, you risk buying a bra that’s too small or too big. We recommend getting a bra fitting every few months, or before buying new bras.

7.  How many bras do you need?

It’s important to have a few bras in rotation. This allows you to launder them promptly and not over wear them. You’ll want to have about three bras for everyday wear, plus special bras, like a push-up, sports bra, strapless, etc.

8.  Is it normal for bras to be uncomfortable?

No! A bra that fits well should never be uncomfortable. You’re likely wearing the wrong bra size if your bra is causing discomfort.

9.  Do you have to wear a bra?

Absolutely not! Many women wear bras for support, shaping or modesty. But, that doesn’t mean you must wear one. Wear a bra only if you please.

10.  How do you make bras last longer?

You can preserve your bra’s quality and fit by taking care of it. You’ll want to properly launder bras and keep several in rotation. Laundering the bras removes damaging oils, but laundering it properly keeps the material looking new. Having more than one go-to bra lets you give bras a break so you don’t wear them out.

Got a bra question we didn’t answer here? Ask it below in the comments, and we’ll be happy to answer!

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Happy bra shopping!

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