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It might feel as though summer is never going to end, but we’ve got news for you. It will come to a close faster than you know. That’s why it’s time to prepare yourself for a brand new season. As the leaves fall and the air gets crisp, you need to make sure that your AW18 style is on point.

Here are 10 lingerie trends to look out for: 

1.  Nightwear Meets Loungewear

You might have noticed this trend already. One of the biggest changes for the AW18 season is wearing nightwear as loungewear. For this look, you need to mix and match bedclothes with chic underwear looks. Keep it classy and understated.

2.  Bold Equals Better

Ready to make a real statement? The new season brings a new fierce element to everybody’s lingerie look. Bold is most certainly better. Push outside of your comfort zone and try something that you would never have thought of before now. Whether it’s a bright red look or a sexy design.

3.  Flower Power

Florals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve yet to get on board with this look, it’s most certainly time to change your ways. Try something subtle like a small floral design on your next piece of lingerie. You won’t believe how remarkably cute and feminine this look is when you first try it for yourself.

4.  Athleisure

Have you heard the news? You can now mix that cool athletic look with any lingerie style you please. Wearing a sports bra on a day-to-day basis gives you the freedom to run, jump, and play around whenever you please. Opt for a super daring color combo for a killer look that is certain to turn heads.

5.  Simplicity Defined

If you’re the type of lady who doesn’t like to be all too fussy about her lingerie look, this one’s for you. Why not opt for a simple yet adorable lingerie style? Go for a classic cut that suits your curves and highlights all your best features. It’s sure to be an eye-catching look this AW18 season!

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Mariela Unlined Wire Bra P5582 in Nightshadow

6.  Soft Babydolls

The babydoll is back and it’s better than ever. This throwback look is coming back into fashion for AW18 and you should get in on the action. Choose a soft colored babydoll that fits the bill perfectly. The idea is to look pretty and feminine in one little package. Give it a whirl and see whether it works for you.

7.  Beautiful Bralettes

If you’re a fan of rich, intricate designs, you can’t go far wrong with a beautiful bralette. Choosing a piece that goes big on details is a sure fire way to shake up your lingerie drawer and experiment with something completely new. From deep, dark tones to heavy embroidery, you’ll find that this works wonders.

8.  Adorable Thongs

When was the last time that you wore a thong? If you’ve let this trend slip through your fingers over time, here’s your chance to change things up a little. Adding a few adorable thongs to your lingerie drawer is a great way to give it some extra pizzazz. Choose pieces that already match the color combos you have right now.

9.  Padded Perfection

Never tried a padded bra? Well, now could be the time! Padded pieces are on trend for the AW18 season as ladies give their silhouette that extra oomph factor. If it’s your first time choosing a padded bra, go for something that’s easy to wear and durable. For example, you could choose a contour bra that does the job.

10.  Sultry Designs

Finally, let’s talk about boosting your sex appeal! If you’re looking for a way to increase your body positivity and start loving yourself, you may just have found it. Opting for sultry, sexy designs is a bold and daring move. But you’ve got this! Search the stores for something that just oozes sensuality. You won’t regret it.

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Lulu Unlined Wire Babydoll P5618 in Scarlette

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Dalis Bralette P5641 in Black

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