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Beautiful, colorful lingerie often brings out moments of joy and excitement. The definition of a perfect bra does not only rest at comfort, fit, and support but extends to vibrant, colorful options. In an intimate world of lingerie, colors can uplift the mood and take you through a journey of small pleasures, where every color would define a different emotion. 

While black, white, and nude bras are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe, colors are something that you can mix ‘n’ match as innerwear or outerwear to show versatile fashion looks. When beautiful and pretty colors along with chic styles are available for all body types, women feel exhilarated to showcase bold color choices in their lingerie.


Parfait helps you Embrace your Curves in Color

Since its inception, Parfait, as a size-inclusive brand, celebrates every woman irrespective of her size or skin tone. We believe every woman is unique and her curves are what define her. We not only want women to feel supported from the inside, but beautiful from the outside too. We believe a woman’s size or skin tone should never be the reason for limited lingerie styles or colors. 

Today’s modern woman is confident, and at Parfait, we empower her to defy the conventional norms of society. This is why through our designs, we help every woman to embrace her beautiful curves. And now, we instill in her the confidence to play with four new bright and on trend colors to further glamorize her looks and showcase her ‘perfectly you’ curves.


Autumn Winter 2021 (AW21) Collection

AW21 05259 1 scaled e1637162207607 - Embrace Your Curves in Colorful Bras

Our AW21 collection introduces three new jewel tone colors to glamorize your look and brighten up your mood. The vibrant jewel tone colors include Amethyst, Sapphire, and Emerald for uplifting your spirits to confidently step out in regal style. The Racing Red is the perfect bright color to add a touch of self-love, glamour and sensuality. Such pretty and bold colors, along with the most comfortable and perfect fit, jazz up your entire wardrobe to help you always look and feel gorgeous.


Embrace your Beautiful Curves in Jewel Tone Colors

AW21 05109 crop 1024x1158 - Embrace Your Curves in Colorful Bras

Amethyst. As a gemstone, amethyst is a symbol of peace, serenity, purification, trust and grace. It brings a sense of calm and understanding to the wearer. One of our best-selling, wire-free bralettes, ‘Dalis’, now comes in a new amethyst shade representing comfort, support, grace, and beauty. Dalis features a convertible J-hook, which creates a racerback, plunge neckline option, showing Dalis is as perfect for stepping out in style as it is for lounging at home. With its highly supportive design, Dalis is a perfect wire-free bralette for a petite as well as a full-figure woman and is available in inclusive sizing.

AW21 05227 scaled e1637161015605 1024x1217 - Embrace Your Curves in Colorful Bras

 Sapphire. Sapphire indicates self-confidence and positive thinking. It delivers trust, patience, and confidence to the wearer. ‘Charlotte Lace’ is our new unlined bra available in Sapphire that empowers you to be confident and embrace all of your curves in style. It features 3-part cups in a beautiful, botanical, smooth, lace fabric. The sexy keyhole gives you a sensuous look, while the vibrant blue color perfectly compliments any skin tone. Charlotte lace is not only pretty-looking, but is also a highly supportive and comfortable bra that checks all the boxes of a perfect lingerie piece. It is also available in stunning Black Onyx.


AW21 05141 scaled e1637160953533 1024x1251 - Embrace Your Curves in Colorful Bras

Emerald. Emerald green denotes royalty, harmony, and life. It brings a soothing effect on the mind and body as green is the color of nature with life and fertility in abundance. Another best-selling bralette from Parfait is ‘Adriana,’ which now features the gorgeous emerald green color. This bralette shouts royalty from each of its features. Like Dalis, Adriana is also a wire-free bralette that is super comfortable and supportive. This all-over lace beauty gives you the option to go racerback with a J-hook, which can also be showcased as an on-trend outerwear piece. It also comes in vibrant racing red and several other pretty colors.


AW21 05194 1 scaled e1637160905323 1024x1117 - Embrace Your Curves in Colorful Bras

Racing Red. Red is the color of love. Red is daring, bold, desirable and gives you a jaw-dropping look. The Racing Red color comes in many lingerie styles and looks glamorous in each one of the designs. The new style in racing red is the ‘Enora’ minimizer bra. Enora features a jacquard, semi-sheer lace, 3-part cup and is designed to minimize up to 1.5 inches off your bust. It is a perfect fit for fuller figured women looking for the support of a best-seller in a bold, new, on-trend color.



AW21 05274 crop scaled - Embrace Your Curves in Colorful Bras

These exciting and new rich colors are the perfect colors for stepping out in style this season. The icing on the cake is to pair them with matching panties. All the panties in jewel tone colors are also available in all-inclusive sizing. Parfait’s extensive collection gives every woman the confidence to flaunt her beautiful curves in playful colors.

These beautifully designed bras help you challenge yourself to be bold enough to confidently

embrace your curves in style. 

Parfait’s signature padded bra, Charlotte, is now also available in our new skin tone shade, MID NUDE.


Historically in the lingerie industry, nude bras have often been a boring shade of beige. Any “nude’ or ‘neutral’ bras were usually designed for women with lighter skin tones. Women of color have often found themselves frustrated with the lack of body tone lingerie options that match their unique, often deeper, skin color. In recent years, women are demanding more color options for their bra wardrobe that are better suited to their personal authentic “nude”. The search is on for lingerie brands that help break the barrier of “one nude bra for all.”

Parfait, in redefining perfection, has always believed that every woman’s curves are as perfectly unique as they are. We have designed and engineered our lingerie to help make women feel confident in embracing their beautiful curves through the support of a perfect fitting bra. As a size-inclusive brand, Parfait empowers every woman to love their uniquely perfect body and be comfortable in her own skin. Parfait is very proud to now be at the core of redefining ‘nude’ bras for women of all skin tones. We not only want to help every woman to discover her individual shade of nude, but also offer her versatile, well fitting, beautiful lingerie that fills all her bra needs.

Our gorgeous new skin tone shades break the barrier of ‘one nude bra for all’ and deliver lingerie with maximum support for all women, regardless of their size.


AW21 04219 1024x683 - Are you wearing a nude color bra that's perfect for your skin tone? Find out.

The new Erika wire free t-shirt bralette comes in three beautiful skin tone colors and delivers a comfortable and supportive experience all day long. Featuring versatile, removable cups for a seamless, smooth look under clothing.

AW21 04639 1024x683 - Are you wearing a nude color bra that's perfect for your skin tone? Find out.

Best selling bralette, Adriana is pretty and lacy with the ultimate comfort and support. Now available in four skin tone colors, including Bare and Deep Nude.

AW21 04712 1024x683 - Are you wearing a nude color bra that's perfect for your skin tone? Find out.

Best-selling Dalis wire free bralette features a convertible J-hook which creates a racerback plunge neckline option, showcasing Dalis is as perfect for stepping out in style as it is for relaxing at home. The super soft and comfy breathable cotton-like modal fabric with pretty lace trim and flexible side boning provides the ultimate comfort and support for all your curves. Skin tone colors include Bare and Deep Nude.

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